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My first near miss with a dog

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by RedRobbo, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Happened 11pm tonight pretty much right out front of Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. I was coming up over the rise near the lights getting up to the speed limit 80 and then here is the dog a big rottie running at me in the wrong direction. I had a car to the side of me so I couldn't use that escape route. At that moment I remember what Doug (Hawklord) had told me don't and panic and slow down. I had managed to wash off most of the speed down to about 30km and I remember just looking directly at him and thinking do I hold my line or try and go the other side of him. Thankfully I held my line as he paused and ran toward the edge of the road. I really love animals and have a soft spot for dogs so I was so happy that i didn't hit him.

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  2. was forced to lock up the rear and enjoy 20 metre's of skidding it to avoid hitting three ducks that decided it was a great idea to run right into my path when i was 10 metre's away ( they spent the entire time previously ...on the other side off the road just pottering around in the grass...fcukers)

    +1 to soft spot for dogs.
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  3. Thanks mate, I had to avoid some rabbits that were playing in the middle of the road down Dromana in a sweeper right on the cornering line not so long ago.
  4. Yeah it's a prick as much as you don't wanna hurt the buggers your also worried about how much this is gonna destroy yourself
  5. I swerved a dog when I was 17 (on my way to the HSC trials) and ended up slamming into a telegraph pole and writing off my Kingswood in the process. Although I don't wish to hit anything, I don't swerve to avoid 'em (not limited to dogs) any more (I will brake though) even on the bike unless it is absolutely safe to do so.
  6. I am 1 for 1 with dogs.Side swiped an Irish Sitter one night,did see it till contact was made.It bolted right away so nothing I could do.My next experience was coming up to a red light.A Rhodesian Ridge back,OFF LEACH,came out at me as I was coming to a stop really really aggressively.I had what I thought was 2 options.Stop and get bit or blow the red light and hit the traffic going through the intersection.I chose OPTION 3,lock the front brake and crash.That satisfied the dog and it pissed off.Minimum damage to me and the bike.I am a dog lover but not near me on a bike.
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    My mate recently hit a cow standing in the middle of the road, just around a bend, at around 1am... It was a black cow.
    He hit it at 100kph in his falcon, did not have time to brake, so hit it at full speed.
    Cow died instantly, and car was buggered. He walked away, just shaken up.
    Police; told him that if he had of braked, the car would have dipped in the front as the suspension compressed and the beast would have been straight through the windscreen.
    I have always been taught 'not to swerve' and try and wash of as much speed as possible, but if impact is imminent, accelerate at last moment to try and lighten the front, and lift it up and over.
    (this is great on paper, but in reality, you are fighting natural reaction to swerve)

    Around 12 months ago here, a bloke on a bike died when a dog ran out of a drive way into his path. (not sure if he swerved into something else or hit the dog)
    Yes, I am an animal lover; however, growing up in the bush, I hear stories all the time of people having crashes, trying to swerve wildlife/animals; then plowing into trees.
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  8. its a tough call and usually NO time to think about it, I do love animals and would try my best to avoid them, it comes down to the time it happens, I have clipped a roo on a bike and if i didnt accelerate i would have come off for sure, we both (hopped) away shocked but uninjured.

    dogs can be harder as they are faster and can get under the wheels, that said I have found running shoo-roos on the bike does help ALOT
  9. i hit a dog one night riding home from work. it was the middle of winter so i was tucked as low as i could to try and get out of the wind. i was doing about 90 in an 80 zone and a labrador or similar came wandering out of a really dark patch to the side of the road. unfortunately by the time i had seen him it was too late to even react. i ended up hitting him around the shoulder area and luckily for me he didnt go under the tyre but instead got thrown to one side.

    i felt really bad because i love dogs so obviously i went back to try and find him because he wouldnt be in a good way but i could not find him. i hope he wasnt in pain for long
  10. The ex-Postie in me hates every dog that runs out at me with a vengeance. Its really not their fault, but the owner who lets them roam, mind you.

    I've certainly whipped magazines at a few and kicked more than one. Even had one knock itself out on a fence it must've forgotten was there hahaha... that had me laughing for ages! (*row-row-row-row* BANG! *silence*) :D

    Haven't hit one as of yet but would definitely recommend braking instead of swerving. Always hear about people messing their ride or themselves up by swerving... always just brake and if you hit you hit.

    If somone gets up you for hitting then be upfront that you're sorry, but also straighforward in telling them they should have had the dog on a leash/in a yard etc. I always tried to make sure people knew I wasn't just a prick who hated their dog... most understood and did the right thing but some people seemed to need to see me putting the boot in. Didn't like doing that but my physical well being over a dogs... I know what I'm choosing.

    - boingk
  11. freaking mutts. I passed some tradie with one on a leash in the tray of his yoot. Didn't see it until it was about six inches from my face, barking it's stupid head off, and scaring the piss out of me. Damn near dropped the bike - I was so disoriented by not understanding where all the noise was coming from!!!
  12. Wait till it happens when you're filtering Mark... had a mother of a mutt bark and leap at me (ended up with his huge head out the driver's window of a Landcruiser) on Mona Vale Rd once. Cause a bit of a wobble as the sphincter tightened due to the shock.
  13. Got clipped by a magpie riding home from work last week, lucky he saw me at the last minute. I didn't see it till it was in my mirrors recovering its flight path.
    Scared the living fark out of me, took me a minute to shake it off ha.

    I'll brake I possible to avoid a dog but I'm not binning it to save a roaming pet.
  14. Echidnas ..... Now there's some fun
  15. Gota hate those brown pants moments where animals just appear.
    The worst I've got was hitting a magpie and riding over a snake. Thankfully nothing big as yet.
  16. I have swerved around bunnies, dogs and cats before, however I wasn't going at speed, usually 50km/hr metro area on the way home at night. Not sure how I will react when I see one at 100km/hr though. Hopefully I never have to.

    Birds on the other hand, 3 mid flight hits so far.

    Ran into something similar, however the dog wasn't barking. I heard a sniffing sound and turned my head only for the dog to lick my visor. The tongue looks funky from that point of view. Driver saw what happened and handed me a rag to wipe off the drool. Was the happiest dog I have ever met on the back of a ute HAHAHA.
  17. A mate of mine took a kookaburra to the helmet - visor down, luckily enough;

  18. yeah..like a wombat, but with spines;
  19. A friend had the bike in front of him fling a brown snake at his head. Fun times!