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My first motorcycle

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Jimbo14, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Ever since I was 18 I have wanted a motorcycle but was unable to get one due to the old lady.

    However I have now moved out and 'what mumma don't know wont hurt her'

    So after 7 years of wanting a bike the time has come.

    I am a learner still so I am taking it very easily. I have been practicing breaking, slow turns ect in empty car parks and just riding in light traffic untill I get my confidence up. Im still trying to master the slow and tight U-turn :)

    I love riding so much and plan to do a couple of extra riding courses when I get my full licence.

    I bought a 2010 Suzuki GS 500 brand new.

    My gear as follows.
    Shark RSI helmet
    Alpinestars draggster jacket
    Draggin jeans
    Berik boots
    Alpinestars gloves.


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  2. congrats buddy..
    awesome choice for your first bike as it'll do everything and more as a first bike.

    Bought my gs (faired version) Dec last year and after 24000k which included a few road trips, it hasn't missed a beat.

    Ride safe and enjoy.
  3. Congratulations on the bike, she looks pretty good. Black is always stylish. :)
  4. Congrats Jimbo14...awesome bike (my first, faired version) and nice colour too. Like the sound of your gear also mate (y)
  5. looks sweet! good choice - they are incredible bikes for learning on!

    i'm so glad my parents stood by me as the first motorcycle rider in the family - i'd have had to have done the same as you otherwise. i admire your courage and sneakiness :D :LOL:
  6. Sweetie one of the best learner bikes ever produced, I can tell your a sensible fellow because you opted to go naked. A word to the wise, don't only learn to ride it, it's a very easy bike to learn self maintenance on......
  7. excellent advice!!!!

    (also fixed your spelling/grammar/sentences... sorry!)
  8. One less ninja250 on the road. Good work mate, ride safe and welcome aboard.
  9. Get yourself some frame sliders. When the GS goes down, the engine casing and often frame takes a beating, meaning an instant write off and an expensive excess. $200-$400 in sliders could save you thousands.

    FYI these bikes are very easy to service, but get the initial services done by the dealer for warranty. Once that expires (within the 3 years you hold your L's for I believe?) these bikes are supremely easy to service yourself!

    The valve clearances should be adjusted at 45,000kms I believe. This is done by a mechanic in less than 2 hours. There is a youtube tutorial that gets everything done in 45 minutes. Don't get conned like I did as a learner and get quoted some $400-$500 for the job.
  10. Jimbo14,
    Not sure where you reside (Melbourne ?) but also be careful where you decide to take the bike for its first 1,000km service. There are many posts here in Netrider stating personal bad experiences at certain parts/dealerships, which stores are good/bad etc.
    Only reason I'm saying this is due to your bike being a Suzuki and the fact there's a big chance you may have purchased it from this particular store.
    And as Smokae has mentioned, this store in mention WILL charge around $500 for a GS500 1st service but they WILL cock it up as well...!
    Some food for future thought.
    Enjoy your new, much loved by many beast (y)
  11. Nice bike, should serve you well!
  12. Great choice of bike and nice colour!
    All the best for a wonderful time in the seat and as everyone else has said, they are a great bike to learn how to self maintain.
  13. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    Can someone pm me the name of the suzuki service center i need to avoid?
  14. Very nice ;) Nothing like a brand new or nearly new bike eh!

    I've just got my first bike to learn on too, a 2009 cbr125r :)

    *Phew* least im not the only one that can't do tight u turns haha! Good luck learning and stay safe :)
  15. Not specifically a "Suzuki" service center, it would be Peter Stevens... nuff said...
  16. lol....peter stevens, when will they ever learn...

    everything 2 wheels is a great service centre, close to the city, competitive quotes and a real attention to detail.
    Not to mention its a small business.
    One of many good recommendations.
  17. first service should be very thorough.
    EVERYTHING needs to be tigtenned up and checked.
    peter stevens will drop the oil, then they'll forget to put the sump plug back in.. that's basically their first service.. 250 bucks for oil and 250 bucks to stamp your book and about 1-2 mins labour.

    you can't go wrong with 'Everything Two Wheels' Pete, or 'Madbiker' Brett.
    Dean at 'Dynoverks' also does log book servicing... he's the man with the magic touch, when you get your busa.
    theres a few other good independents still around that have'nt yet been swallowed up by the Peter Stevens empire.
  18. I have put a yoshimura exhaust on and bar end mirrors.

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  19. mmmm naked bikes are the best.. that looks hot and i bet it sounds sweet aswell
  20. NIce touch on the mirrors mate.
    One question: Will this thing Wheel Stand on demand?