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My first motorcycle in Aus and first in a long time.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MattiasL, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. I am posting here because I see myself as a new rider as I am starting to ride again after a long break and in a new country where you drive on the wrong side of the road:angel: (My wife is from the UK so we have this friendly argument every time we are on the road)

    I would like to get to know my motorcycle before I get out on major roads so do you guys know anywhere on the Gold Coast where it is good to practise like an empty car park or large practice area?

    I think it is warm now during the days (Swedish Viking) and I am looking for some Kevlar jeans to wear that are in good quality, I have done some research and it seems that you guys like Takamii's jeans? Anyone on the Gold Coast that wear them jeans?
    I really like that they have knee and hip protection in them which many other brands don't have.

    I appreciate all answers.


  2. Velcume-a tu Oostreleea und tu reeding here-a.

    bork bork bork

  3. I'm not down the coast but I'm up in brissy, and I love Takamii's jeans. They're perfect for what I need, and feel like just another pair of jeans to me, except with the knowledge that I'll be a lot better protected if I come off.

    Welcome to NR! :)
  4. I have 2 pairs of his jean, he actually crash tested them a while back theres a thread about it on here somewhere. Send him your size and he'll post them to you within a couple of day, express post too. Well worth buying from him. send him a PM
  5. I'm also in Brissy and am also happy with Takamii's jeans. :)

    I hope you get used to riding a bike with the steering wheel on the other side of.... never mind.
  6. you can see them on our web page if you like


    thank you all

  7. How wide are they in the legs? As a former bodybuilder I still have problem with big legs and a small waist and with that comes problem to find jeans that fit my legs and are not too big in the waist.

  8. Thanks for your answer regarding the Kevlar jeans I will probably buy from RHOK.

    An also, I would like to get to know my motorcycle before I get out on major roads so do you guys know anywhere on the Gold Coast where it is good to practise like an empty car park or large practice area?
  9. With all this 7 day bloody trading there aren;t really any empty car parks any more.

    Maybe a place where tghere is outdoor parking for events, when no event is on.

    Entertainment centre? Convention centre? Sports field?
  10. University maybe? That or if you are close to an industrial estate on a Sturday afternoon or Sunday.
  11. trust me there is room in the legs
  12. Great!

    I just need to figure out what size I am.

    Do I order them here or through the RHOK page?
  13. Starting to get nervous now, going to get the Suzuki DR250r.

    I have been analysing the roads and the drivers here the last couple of days and people drive like maniacs8-[ do you guys have any last minute tips for me?
  14. Where on the Gold Coast are you? If your near my area I'll let you know of any spots to practice that are close.
  15. I live in Mermaid Beach.

  16. Depending on the day and time the following could be quite empty

    Bond Pirates Rugby Club car park (behind pizzy park skate park);
    Firth Park car park (mudgeeraba);
    Andrews Road (car park at the start of it, just off Tallebudgera connection Road) could be a little far if you didnt want to go through much traffic ;

    There are probably some more, but these are just off the top of my head.
  17. Thank you so much, I do appreciate your help.
  18. Heading off in 1 hour now to hopefully buy the motorcycle, have had nightmares all night long about crashing the motorcycle.

    Woke up 6am and heard the rain outside and was thinking ***k.
  19. I have prepared the day with a good breakfast, oats porridge cooked with 2 eggs, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 tablespoon avocado oil, 1 tablespoon rice bran oil, 2 omega 3 capsules, 2 primrose oil capsules, and 1 multivit/mineral capsule.

    I believe this will give me a great start and make me have energy and focus to ride the bike home.
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  20. That's a nice breakky.

    Best of luck today and hope all goes well.

    Ride safe! (y)