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My first month

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 2_wheeled_commuter, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. OK so I took a bit longer than most to acctually get my bike. I was off my L's by the time i owned my own bike.

    Day 1- This is awesome! Traffic on way to work was full on, should I split?

    Day 2- OK I will split...just watch that big CBR i'll follow him. hehe heaps of nods.Luving it.
    Time to leave work, turn first corner past Melb Central...Taxi driver pulls out in front of me! No head check at all. I have choice of hit taxi, hit Tram stop, grab a fistful...I DROPPED MY NEW BIKE! and got very very angry at taxi driver. Cops said If I had made contact with him Then insurance prob would have paid as witnesses all say I had no way to stop. DAMN!

    I hop on bike to ride home...where did right peg go?? interesting ride home

    Day 3- track down 2nd hand peg bracket for $80. Guess I'll leave fairings till I sell ....just in case.

    Day 4- I see THE SAME TAXI cut accross 2 lanes no warning...luckily i was some distance away...sigh

    Day5 -> now. I happily split lanes when traffic is stopped or really sloow.. I ALWAYS watch taxi's...still lovin it though
  2. Splitting lanes after 5 days experience eh?!

    Be careful dude; especially in built of areas like the CBD.
  3. Trying to be careful.. Generally I only split when traffic is stopped ie filter. That happens a lot on freeway into CBD.

    Whenever I see another bike I try to stay with em for a bit to see how they get through the traffic. Is easy to tell the dickheads though!
  4. Yep. Once you set a set of rules for splitting, its pretty safe. Mine started off as only split if I'm a while back (no point splitting past 2 cars, only splitting if I SEE the light turn red and or know that there is a reasonable amount of time to split. What else.. any time you see a gap eg:

    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    A gap is often seized very quickly, especially in CBD areas where everyone is extremely aggressive. So if you see a gap or free space when splitting, watch out for someone trying to merge.

    But yeah those are the rules I started with and whilst I've modified the rules (apart from the gap one) to suit being slightly better at it now, its a good starting point.
  5. Congrats. Remember as fast as you try new things there will be an equal exposure to the dangers related to these new experiences. Take it easy there is no hurry. Stay safe
  6. Bit sad you dropped your bike, but good to hear you're enjoying your riding :grin: i started lane-splitting a couple of days after i got my L's, but i try and avoid it now unless the gaps are big and no cars are waiting to turn through the pack coz people will stop to let them through.. That sucks.. That said i live right near the hills and own a car aswell so i almost never commute through heavy traffic. I get sick of d#*kheads :evil: ..so i just stick to the twisties :grin: :grin: :grin: