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My first major crash.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gowron, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Yes So it has finally happend i have dropped the bike at a fairly high speed. doing about 60 through a bend in the spur, and didnt anticipate the lean I would need and went straight into the gravel and lost the bike, went for a nice slide. Im ok just a bit sore. Bike is mostly cosmetic on the right side scrachted to the shit but not so bad considering, Snapped my right slip on the bars. And a right indicater. So hopefully have it back by friday night.

    Because of this i expect a big turnout to my wednesday night trivia at the dandenong hotel, check the events forums.
  2. Bit sore?
    Healing process is part of learning process.
  3. Ok everyone listen up! STOP fcukING CRASHING YA BIKES! :mad:

    Shit dude, that's no fun at all. :( I'm glad you're ok and well enough to do it again soon (although I hope nest time you won't drop it). :) Don't worry about the bike. They're easy fixed. It's the person we worry about. What does "a bit sore" translate to? :? I'm guessing you're not too bad if you managed to get home and post.

    Where is the bike? Rideable or do you need help to move it? Give me a shout if you need a hand mate. :)
  4. Well i was with a mate so pillioned home which is a funny story in it self i was holding on to him but not to tight, and he decided to pop the front wheel and not warn me, so ive gone slidding off the back of the bike so my arse is hanging off the bike but i just managed to grab his sides and hold on. He pulled over and he was so apologetic for not warning me. But anyway also amusing while were talking about to do about my bike because the handbars are well, snapped. A person i know from work was on his way home with his dirt bike and had one more space for another bike and he saw us ont he side of the road, and pulled overm so now my bike is at work. So if you come on wednesday*hint,hint* you can see my bike lol.
  5. Indeed, jeez it was a glorious sunny day in Melbourne (by the look of the VFL telecast) and far too nice a day to be sliding along on your bum....

    Glad to hear that you're in good spirits, and hoping to be back up and running soon.

    But analysing this and Matty's 'off', that's two where leaning may have avoided crashing. More practice is needed by us all......
  6. Glad you're ok dude :)

    hey guys, clearly the spurs are kinda bad luck at the moment, so everyone be careful eh?
  7. mate i know the feeling, good luck with everything also!!
  8. It's not the spurs fault. I gave that road a miss today (strong feeling in my gut said not to do it) and bloody near lost it near Tolangi anyway. Blasted rocks. :mad: :LOL: Nah, truth is, it was my fault. At 100-105km through a 60 posted bend I was traveling at a speed where I was riding beyound what I could see. I got lucky and found my rear safely but if the Gods hadn't looked kindly on me, I could hardly expect to blame the rock.

    Most of the time it's our own fault. I'm not having a go at anyone, but we need to be careful. :)

    Note: If this seems out of place now, I got caught in conversation and forgot to hit submit.
  9. I'm with you there mate, it is usually our fault, and we have to watch it this time of year especially. Good weather starting, rusty riding skills combined with roads not quite at their best....

    I've been riding all winter, but only commuting, it's not the same as fanging through the twisties. Couldn't even drag my pegs doing figure 8's in a carpark last night (course, it was dark, and there were oil patches everywhere, but the point stands).

    So I'll be getting back into it gently, gently.... :)
  10. Oh yeah totally my fault dont get me wrong i wasent placing blame on BS roads or anything, THats what really annoyed me about it, was the fact I did something so stupid, but now I think, hey I'm a learner it was just stupid of me to think that I would never slide the bike. I know some people dont on there Ls and good on em. But I was getting the attitude that I would never have an accident, so this was a good wake up call.

    Cant wait to get out there again though.
  11. i was up there yesterday
    going through at approx 1 ish
    saw 2 guys working on a bike ( CBR sportsbike type)
    on a sweeper bend <nice long corner
    not too far into the down hill run north bound
    was that you ?

    thought gees i wonder whats up it didnt look too serious
    the bike was standing
    (was on my cruiser)
    i went up through the spur
    clear run
    (cars in the way but ya get that nice cruise through the spur )

    had lunch with an girlfriend in Eildon
    and went home via Yea and the slide
    so cruisy and clear
    was a great day for a ride
    Today is supposed to be even better
    hence why up early cant wait to get back out on my new bike :grin:

    take it easy out there Everyone
    i was told those maniac riders
    (have to pass now matter what the road/traffic is like )
    are back out on the spurs again :shock:
  12. :( That sucks man hope there's not too much damage to the bike.

    Can't come to the trivia sorry it's a bit too far to travel with work the next morning.
  13. dude that sucks.

    hope you didnt bruise your pins :LOL:
  14. lol i said that to my firneds the piercings are intact.
  15. ok, thats just creepy - were you trying to copy me? good effort :p

    I did almost the exact same thing last thursday dude, haha!

    glad you're ok!

    what turn did you come off on? you say you slid for a bit, so it wasn't ambulance corner? would be eery if it was..

    might have to rock up on wednesday and relive both our stacks, haha!
  16. Yeah hope to see ya mattyB, It was pretty early on saw about 5 diffrent parts from what I would say 5 diffrent bikes. So that kind of made me think"I'm not the only one!"
  17. sorry to hear buddy, glad your here to tell us the tale
  18. +1

    Recover soon, mmkay? :)
  19. Sorry to hear about the off...but good to hear you're ok... :grin:

    Wont be able to make Trivia night sorry - that bit too far for me on a schoolnight.... :(