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My first love - 09 Honda VTR 250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by xabit, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. I'm the last eligible person in my family to get my bike license, received my learners in Feb and last weekend purchased my very first bike! :D 2009 Honda VTR 250, I'm very excited. Purchased from Dave_the_waterlogged, great little bike in awesome condition.


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  2. VTRs are awesome learner bikes. Mine's just finishing up the job for me.

    Best of luck with her.
  3. Thanks. :D
  4. Nice to see him/her at home...

    Been out practicing?
  5. The day after I spent 4 straight hours on it, I loved it! :D Been for a few short rides since going around my block to practice gear changes and stop/starts. Just recently come down with some health issues so the last week I haven't been able to go too far. This weekend I'll get out again on it, loving it!
  6. Oh, I had been trying to comment on your classified ad to thank you Dave but I keep getting:

    I'm a registered user now too and still can't reply, no idea why. But, thank you again for all your help with the purchase, very happy. :D
  7. Congrats - I'll always have a soft spot for the VTR250.....fabulous bikes (y)
  8. Hey, that's my bike!! Well just about. Mine is a 2009 also, but I have a white fuel tank, apart from that they could be twins! I'm just learning also and have become very very comfortable with mine.
  9. Hi Linda,

    I do see quite a few VTRs getting around town. :D They are incredibly comfortable to sit on. Likewise, enjoy!