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my first long'ish ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bobcat, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    I've been riding my gs500 for the last few weeks to and from work and getting more comfortable on the bike now, everything starts to feel natural. Today I had to do some work over the other side of town about 70k away so I had my first long'ish ride on the bike (my normal commute's only 10ks, so 70ks is a big jump for me!)

    Anyway it's the first time I rode through peak hour traffic towards the CBD and I filtered for the first time: following the 2 bikes that filtered their way through and I just tag along from behind. Thanks to whoever they were it was a good learning experience for me (I did touch a side mirror of a car and also tray of a ute while they were stationery) so I still have lots of room for improvement. But I'm definitely more confident in slow ride now (clutch in, gentle on the rear brake etc)

    After I went pass the CBD I got onto the freeway and it's the first time me getting on 100k+ zone, very windy this morning, just keep reminding myself to hug the tank with my legs and relax the upper body. Did the same ride back just then, no busy peak hour traffic this time so it was just cruising all the way back at highway speed. Bump and shoulder a bit sore prob I'm still a bit too tense sometimes.

    It was also a good run to test out my new install of a cycle computer on my bike too (attached it last night, sigma bc1009 on special at 99bikes for $34) - the gs doesn't have a clock and i always thought the speedo was a bit out, i thought i measure the wheel size right but prob need to measure again though, otherwise it means my speedo is really out (by 10k)

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. GS500's are all out by about 10k at 100, probably a bit more in reality.

    Well done on the longer ride, don't be afraid to ease thru a tight gap with your feet hanging if you feel nervous about hitting a mirror or ute tray..
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  3. Well done on the filtering and highway ride, I'm also in the early stages of riding the GS500 as well, I went for my longest ride yet today (about 300k) I can sympathise on the sore bum
  4. Sorry, but that's wrong.
    In slow riding you use your clutch with throttle to maintain engine revs (slipping the clutch if necessary), and your rear brake is your speed control.
    So to repeat throttle and clutch coordination to maintain engine revs, rear brake to control speed.

    You do NOT pull the clutch in and 'coast' using the rear brake.

    If you find that a bit baffling then you've either not done any car park work, or have understood the technique, and to go back amend learn it properly.

    Not nitpicking at you. It's very important stuff.

    Well done for the longer ride. If it helps, think of it as a weeks worth of commuting in one day, and much more the longer trips can teach you in a much shorter time. :)

    Get in to a parking lo on weekends and practice the correct method I explained above until your hands bleed.
  5. You don't do this in ANY vehicle!!

    Good point, well made, John.
  6. Well done on the long ride but c'mon....between cars isn't the place to learn to slow ride...

    You hit my car and you'll be in a world of hurt...and i'm just a little bit psycho about my car...imagine if you hit the wrong car... SMACK

    Hitting people's cars shouldn't be taken lightly
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  7. yep sorry should've elaborate a bit, no wasn't coasting using the rear brake, it was used for speed control while i was using both the clutch and throttle rev at the same time - so yeah, i was doing what you were saying! :) but thanks for pointing that out!
  8. Excellent. :)

    We can all misjudge but mirror clipping can be dangerous if you happen to clip the wrong one. 'I' AM a psycho about my car. There are a lot of others just like me.

    Just to say it...become an expert at slow riding in car parks. You should be able to get very close to stopping, and then ease away again in a straight line. But if you find you have a day unbalanced, then if it gets tight, use both feet. :) I do.
  9. all advice taken on board! (y)
    It's actually my mirror touching the mirror of the car, and the ute tray but i completely understand and def be more careful in the future!

    and yes been practicing slow ride in the local carpark as well so now am quite comfortable doing very slow straight line ride (like the Qride training where you have to go for a certain distance with a min time)