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My first longer ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Whippet, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just had my first longer ride (other than the ride to Willi and back), to Hanging Rock on Sunday. We travelled via Romsey to The Rock and then to Woodend for lunch and through Lancefield on my return to Melbourne. A friend rode behind me most of the way which gave me more confidence. I had a great day. Still a lots of white knuckles and gritted teeth but didn't go beyond what I was comfortable with. I couldn't believe the wind and occassionally found it quite tiring to hang on. I see why people choose bikes with fairings and windscreens. A couple of big bumps on the road (which were virtually undetectable) had my arse off the seat and me thanking God I wasn't stretching out my left hand at the time. Very exciting - not in a good way. Must remember - TWO HANDS!

    It was a great experience to go at higher speeds (100kms) and relax (from time to time). The Tulla freeway was interesting on the way back. I definately won't be doing this trip on my own for a while. I had lots of questions for my friend and many things to remember for next time. I know technically I'm probably pretty sloppy but I'm reading as much as I can and hope when I'm confident to ride at night to see you all for coffee.

    Looking forward to the next ride.

    Cheers for now

  2. Hi Whippet,
    That first long ride is so exciting I know. I only did 150k's on my first long ride and I loved every bit of. Even with white knuckles lol.

    Cheers Lou
  3. Congrats on what sounds like a fun day out Jen :grin: You've timed it just right to go exploring as Spring rolls around.

    I'm having a similar white knuckle experience on the new 750 i picked up last week. I've had a bike licence for 5yrs or so, but there's nothing like trying to get used to something new to get your heart racing. :shock:

    Anyways enjoy the ride :)
  4. ah the white-knuckled joy of it all, sounds like you had a fabulous day, Jen :grin:
  5. Thanks Lou, Jitboy and Paul.

    Let me just say that I slept like a baby last night...zzzzz....
  6. haha zzzz... contentment allows us to sleep well :grin:

    So when do you think you'll be making it to your first coffee? I haven't been to one either, but can't wait to meet the friendly Netrider bunch.

    Thinking that the Friday one on Southbank is a decent option, or St Kilda on Sats?
  7. Jen let me warn you, it is addictive. :cool:
  8. Hi Jitboy,

    I think in a couple of weeks i'll be ready to do the coffee thing. I would prefer to go to St Kilda - as it's just up the road for me. There again Fridays suit me more...... so maybe Southbank. It will probably be a bit daunting for me as I don't know all that much about bikes - and that I won't know anyone. So everyone will have to remember not to ask me too many technical questions.

  9. Well Whippet you have now experience the reason why a lot of the people on this forum ride. It is contageous. I'm glad you liked it.
  10. Thanks guys,

    It sure is contageous. I look at my bike every day and get very excited thinking about all of my upcoming adventures on it.

    Riding really makes you feel alive!!
  11. I'll buy that!

    I think I need to go for a ride to cool off. Feeling scr**d over by work, and I'm right near one of the best rides this city has.
  12. And which roundabout is that Sonja?? :LOL:
  13. :p
    The big one at Woden. I'd say "The biggest one in Canberra", but the biggest one has the biggest windbags sitting in the middle of it. :LOL: :LOL:
  14. It's a great feeling isn't it!! My first ride that was longer than about 60km was a trip to melbourne!!! Talk about baptism of fire, lol. I went from no more than a 60km trip to travelling 1100km down to melbourne in a single day (15hours on the road).

    Surprisingly it was MUCh easier than i expected. My glutes did experience new realms of pain, however.
  15. Well Josh,

    Your game :?

    My ride on Sunday was 180km round trip so maybe I should be changing my L plate for an N - for Nanna :wink:
  16. The funny thing was i turned around 36 hours later and road home again. lol.

    1100km on the Friday
    ~20km on the saturday (Netrider Annual BBQ)
    1100km on the Sunday

    It was a great weekend!! I'm doing it again this year. WOO HOO!!!