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my first long ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by littleal, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. G'day all, iam going on first long ride n saturday, from newcastle to sydney.riding down with a mate on a triumph tiger.looking forward to see how my bike handles on a long trip.

    cheers little al

  2. I also enjoy long rides on or off the road.

    nah seriously enjoy your ride down, take care thru the 80kmph road work before mount white, it gets hectic there at any time of the day.
  3. Have fun and take the back roads where possible :p
  4. as iam a novocastrian, i only know the main roads ! we are going to homebush, end of f3 turn left,go along untill the 3m building(i think it is lane cove road,& follow it along into homebush.
    question is there another way????

    cheers little al

  5. follow this map from the f3

    CLICK HERE, follow the purple line
  6. yeap!

    hehehe :grin:
  7. we are going the old pacific hwy now,proberly take the kariong exit & turn right then turn left onto the old highway & enjoy the twistes.

    cheers little al :grin: :grin: :cool: :cool:
  8. Enjoy the ride!

    Don't be a stranger when you get to Homebush, there's a few of us there :wink:
  9. Funny.

    little al, I'd join you at Sutherland and take you down the coast but I'm working. It's the only day I'm working damnit! Btw, stop at Cronulla because as far as I know (someone correct me if I'm wrong) the will be a huge bike gathering, with Ducati's going for the world record of most Ducs together (more than 406 I think).

    I live up the road and I can't even make it, but hopefully you won't be slaughtered by rioters. ;)
  10. well what a day saturday was,it was very very hot!!!!! t was allright whislt riding. The old pacific h/way was oarsome,got to pie in the sky 7 ther was a cop in a light green commodore giving a bloke a good talking to for about 1/2 hour :eek: ,then the cop took of in a north direction,after a pie & a cool drink,he came back for another cruise from a southerly direction,then another 2 cops went cruising :p :p .we set off to homebush,got caught in traffic at hornsby&sweat just poured out of me(only have a all weather jacket,a summer jacket is on my shopping list)on we went ,took w wrong turn but got homebush to see a show,put our riding gear in tge cloak room at 1;30pm & collected it about 3;30pm my helmet was still dripping with sweat. :roll: :roll:
    time to get out of the the place & of we went got to pennant hills to get some petrol,left there @ 4;45pm & got home to newcastle around 6.00pm.
    Got the old xj900 upto 6100rpms which = around 160 klm.
    150klm in 1 hit.my bum & back started to sore,dehydrated&phyiscally drained. :cool: :cool:
    all was good iam starting to plan my next ride for when the wheather gets a bit cooler. :grin: :grin:
    cheers little al
  11. Good stuff bud, glad ya had fun and yeah the first few long rides r gonna make you sore :)