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my first linux machine fires!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ajl, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. :grin: finally got my ex-holden workstation for CAD work up and running using ubuntu 8.10

    me so happy, i can play good games, surf the net, watch wide screen #$%^ and talk to u guys whilst waiting 4 surgery

    yee-hah :grin:

    it gave me major grief because of the way the drivers are supplied for the wireless cards, tried using a netgear card, but couldn't access the drives, borrowed my sisters wireless card, found out the necessary info and bang
  2. All of which you could have done plug-and-play with Windows :? :?
  3. congrats dude, i'm about to put ubuntu on my server at home. its been needing a complete rebuild for over a year now. linux, so farkn solid!!! after using microsoft s*** all my life i'm never going back! big linux fan!! (now once educated)
  4. hornet, unfortunately widows craps out when u push it for serious work and is the bane of my existence, thankfully nicer codes exist but for general use plug and play windows can be great. all i can say is forget netgear and ubuntu/linux

    browny i'll know who to contact when the forums and help documentation fail, just a quick note- the ubuntu 8.10 help system on the install cd refers to all the 8.04 menu options which are no longer existent.
  6. hey aj, just windin' you up mate, no harm intended :LOL:

    I've installed linux of various sorts on several machines just for fun, but never to use it seriously. I could never get my old DOS and early Windows games to run on it!

    My dad used to say that only thing that's free for which there isn't a better product is air :LOL:.

    Enjoy :)
  7. Paul, you could check out VMware, and various other programs that run a windows interface so that the games think they are on windows and bang your off. Its what i plan to do as at this point all my games are on my clapped out laptop

    Ktulu, there is not only minesweeper but 16 other standard games of similar calibre

    Edit: Paul i think your dad may have been on to something, and i plan to enjoy
  8. ah, you box cleverly :) I have VMware installed so I can run and DOS port of an ancient Tandy TRS-80 game, 'Volcano Hunter'. It also gives an XP lease of life to the Lucas Arts classic 'Day of the Tentacle' :LOL:.
  9. oh my, you have games that may be older than me, but i must confess to my sins...

    some of my favourite games include lords of the realm 1 & 2, transport tycoon and i used to love heretic, could never come at doom though. I'm still in setup phase for this computer and am yet get VMware on but soon there could be some on line Age of Empires 2 :)
  10. AJ, interested to know what 'serious work' needs to be done on a Linux box?
  11. I have a laptop that is almost 6 years old. It's struggling to battle on these days and it just had a really hard time running xp.

    I formatted the drive, installed Kubuntu and found that to be a bit crap. It struggled to run "chunky" programs and sometimes took over 4 or 5 fscks before it booted.

    Then Jason told me that it was crap and proceeded to install Ubuntu over the top.

    WOW. Bootup times halve halved, always boots up, always shuts down and everything seems to "just work".

    I have a usable laptop again. Just dont tell the wife.
    I still need a NEW netbook
  12. cejay, the stuff i plan on doing mostly includes numerical simulation of engine combustion and engine models, hopefully PIV analysis of engines, and numerical fluid dynamics. It's also good for running CAD programs like NX solidworks etc.

    but it should hopefully excel at the simulations, I also put it on as due to financial situation jobs for engineers are drying up like a nun and if i continue with current marks at uni i can go ito a phd scholarship and hopefully fast forward my trip to engine design

    i'm just not sure if thats what i realy want, 3 - 4 more years of study
  13. vic its good to hear, better be careful round the wife, if she is like mine her psychic powers will find out the truth!

    as for my laptop, once all necessary programs are functional on the desktop - electrotherapy time (one flew over the cuckoos nest style) :twisted:
  14. So Ubuntu is the way to go?

    I've just bought a Macbook, so the old(er) laptop can now become my sandpit. At DuoCore 2Ghz, 2GB RAM should be ok?
  15. cejay, if ur used to a mac the swap is probably a little easier and there is a wealth of info on ubuntu forums, the hard part which i would make sure of is that you can obtain the driver file with the extension .inf for the wireless card in the laptop if it has one already (before the swap) as a computer without the internet these days seems useless.

    there is also a 64bit ubuntu that may suit your computer

    as for the way to go, who really knows, i planned to put fedora on but my burner in the laptop is dying and burns shiza cds. the reason for fedora is its meant to be designed more for engineering work but i figure start with ubuntu as i reckon its easier that windows to use and am temped to put it on a computer for my aunty

    before u get set on a path have a read through
    as you may find out what you want
  16. first thing I did with my macbook was double the ram to 4 gig.
    I can run vmware or parallels using 2 gigs of ram allowing a spare 2 gigs for the mac.
    Another plus is 4 gigs with photoshop literally flies and the graphics aren't crippled since part of the graphics memory is off the ram unless you have a macbook pro.
    and 2 sticks of 2 gig costs $100 and is piss easy to install.
  17. it's the new one and it's ddr3 which still seems a little bit pricey. should really have gone for the upgrade at the store, but i was blinded by the 'i want it now' and didn't think. mind you, it's still a pretty snappy machine. but 4g is the next thing to do.

    On PS, I used PSE6 with my Vista PC and was quite happy with it. iPhoto seems to do a lot out of the box and though not as capable as PSE (and much less than PS), seems ok. I have downloaded a trial of Aperture2 and it fills in some gaps but is twice the price of PSE6 for Mac. For the life of me (and despite heaps of reading) and I am struggling to find where all these programs sit with each other. Some people seem to use Aperture2 & PS(E), some use Lightroom and CS, others make do with iPhoto 8 and Aperture2.

    What I really don't want is to have multiple programs (and databases, caches) all doing their own thing. Aperture, though not as full featured as PS or PSE, does most of what I want, but at twice the price. PSE does what I want, but there were parts of it I never really got on with.

    Sometimes, choice is a bad thing!
  18. camera talk :shock:
    i got zip idea when it comes to graphics and camera stuff, have fun
  19. Ifyou shoot with a digital camera that takes pictures in dng or RAW format then aperture is helpful in adjusting your pictures.
    I find that cs3/4 does everything I need for my photographic needs and they are quite heavy.
    CS4 RAWKS btw it is a fantastic upgrade and the minor improvements really make workflow so much quicker.