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My first knob driver encounter.....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by DaRock, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. So I encountered my first knob driver while riding my bike yesterday. I'm only a new learner, so I've been getting out on weekends trying to get a feel for lots of different situations. Yesterday I was sitting at the front of traffic at a red light in the right lane (didn't filter there, just ended up in front) and this van slowly stops right behind me almost on my back tire (looks like a tradie van). So I move forward to get some space then I'm sitting there revving the bike to get ready for the light change when the van behind me starts to rev too. After the driver revs it pretty high a couple of times I'm starting to think they are trying to be intimidating, seeing what they probably thought was a nervous L plate rider in front of their nasty big van (what a tool). So I make sure I'm ready to go as soon as the light change, and I concentrate hard on getting the clutch right for a smooth quick start. Sure enough the light goes green and as I take off as quickly and smoothly as I can I hear the van behind squeal his tires trying to take off on top of me!!!

    At this point I'm bloody thankful that LAMS allow me my GS500 instead of a pokey little 250, and I leave this knob well behind, hitting 70 (the speed limit) and safely moving to the left lane. It wasn't long before he caught up, so I buffered over to the left of the lane and covered my brakes in case he decided to be a bigger tool and cut me off. He didn't thankfully, but he did speed off and weave into my lane further down the road then cuts off a car while weaving back into the right lane, not using an indicator for any of it.

    I must admit, I heard stories, but I never really thought there were such deliberatly bad attitudes on the road towards bikes. This tool went out of thier way to try and scare an L plater (not that it worked). I feel sorry for a nervous rider that they find next time. I hope there isn't too many drivers like them out there. I wish I had of thought to get their plates to report them, but as it was my learner brain was overloaded trying to concentrate on all the stuff going on.

    I've been thinking about how I reacted to the situation and wondering what I could have done different. I'm not sure taking off as quick was the best thing to do, but hearing the tyres I'm certain I would have been in some trouble if I was a bit slow, or god forbid I stalled it.....
  2. You will encounter many more. :grin:
  3. dont forget to blow them a kiss for being a tool!

    also waving the pinky around makes em mad too...
  4. You did ok...got away clean and moved out of the way which disarmed the situation.
    When you get more confidence, don't be hurried by the tool behind you...just ride off normally...taking care to look out for the cross traffic before you take off..

    If you apeear (to them) to be dragging them off, it will fuel their stupidity.

  5. yeah what a retard.

    he prob thinks that his schumaker driving style in his van is gonna impress everyone around him.

    I hate these retards.

    i think it was good how you went to left lane. let the stupidity then he's won.
  6. Years ago I had a similar incident with a d/h crowding me at a set of lights, unfortunately I wasn't happy that day.. I put bike on side stand and got off and indicated for him to move back the legal distance (1 metre) while unzipping my gearsack bag and reaching into it. poor dumb twit nearly s...t himself.. ( The only thing in the bag was a spare helmet )......
  7. You did well !
    Pat yourself on the back and remember .....
    .. it probably WILL happen again
  8. Seems to be more and more these days. You totally did the right thing and didnt let some d*ck get the better of you. Good work!!!

    What is it at lights everyone seems to want to try and drag off the bike!!!??
  9. Pure GOLD!!!!!

    I'll have to remember this when I get a box or bag :p
  10. Welcome to riding on Melbourne roads, DaRock.
    Sadly, you WILL have more of these experiences in your riding 'career'.
    There are many many idiotic and low-IQ road users out there, unfortunately..so, taking care of yourself is #1 priority.
    You handled yourself well mate.
  11. Well done mate!

    Don't know if it is just me and the fact that i have basically not experienced anything like this here in Sydney (only been riding 6 months), but good ol melbourne sounds like a prick of a place to be on a bike. There are so many stories of dip$h!t drivers down there!
  12. Dude, it's a van... I'll let you know when I lose to one.
  13. n00b comment of the year.
  14. Carrying my weight I don't think the words "pokey" and "little" are too bad in this case......
  15. Even more people have wanted to race me since the upgrade.

    Last time after a guy tried to race me from every light ( It was peak hour and his left lane was gunna end at these next lights) I gave it a rev just before the lights turned green. That sent him off. I just took off sedately and let him get in front of me, he was just gunna cause an accident. Be careful of them.

    Don't really see the point in tools doing this.
  16. yeh mate feel your pain! No stress that was nothing! You dealt with the situation well, when you are a bit more experienced maybe later on you can do the old mirror removal with the boot technique..
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