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My first incident

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Sco, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. G'day everyone,

    Long time lurker, I've been riding for about a month now and it's been a complete blast and great learning experience.

    I was cruising along Centre Rd and was coming up to an intersection that was green. However the right lane had a car that wanted to turn right and as there isn't a dedicated turning lane the right lane had several cars banked up.

    I mentally prepared myself for an idiot who was too impatient to wait a minute while a car found an opportunity to turn. I approached the intersection carefully and decreased my speed slightly.

    Out of nowhere I saw a left indicator (blink once) and a car started to full out. Instinct kicked in, and I sounded my horn but he kept turning. I took the emergency procedure and did an emergency break. I think I went from 50km/h to 0 in a few meters. I stopped literally centimeters from having an incident.

    After I stopped my first instinct was to clear out of the situation. As I stopped to suddenly I only managed to gear down to 3rd so I switched to 1st and sped off. I don't know why but I was spooked by the fact that if I hit the passenger side door I would have severely hurt the cars occupant. I stopped by Clayton to gather my thoughts and take a breather, I then continued on home.

  2. Glad you are OK. Good reading of the traffic. Cage drivers using the "confirmators" after the turn are a common problem. As you have found bike horns are sh*t and with air con on windows up, and stereo on they don't hear a thing. Hope you gave them the fright of their life, they might think more in future but I won't hold my breath. :)
  3. Well done on avoiding impact and reading the traffic. Not sure if it's worth using the horn myself (mine's about as loud as a gooses fart). Better off using a bikes ability to avoid the accident - either by braking as you did or by accelerating out of danger.

    Good work tho :D
  4. well done on avoiding the car, but for future i think you'd be better off using the brakes first and horn 2nd
  5. You did well there! Glad to hear your emergency braking techniques were spot on! Thats something I really need to work on but keep forgetting to.
  6. Good job on avoiding a stack. It always makes me nervous when I see a bunch of cars stuck behind a right-turner. Most of the time you get through OK, but every so often somebody pulls the sudden lane change without looking. You did well to see it coming and do something about it.

    I agree that you should brake before hitting the horn, but I do think that you should give them a blast - particularly if you end up close enough for it to actually be heard. I've seen one woman get such a shock from hearing my horn right behind her that she almost swerved into the traffic island in the middle of the road. She was extremely apologetic as I went by, and I got the impression that she'd learned a lesson. If I hadn't used the horn she might never have even noticed that she cut me off.
  7. This happened to me yesterday, though I actually got hit by the front corner of the car at about 30km/h as I saw it unfold too late, he didn't indicate and pulled out whilst stopped. Knocked me across my lane but I kept the bike up. Guy apologised and admitted he "didn't even think to look". I sighed and sent him on his way.

    My foot is a little sore though! Ride safe.