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My First Honda

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Tezzalenko, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. So I bought an '83 Honda VF400F cheap to save it from a wreckers ($500 cheap) and it needs a resto, but I know next to nothing about the bike.

    If anyone could point me towards a workshop manual and if anyone has parts or knowledge, it'd be awesome.

    Now, some info on the bike:

    2/83 NC13 Honda VF400F
    6767kms on clock

    I bought the bike for $500 with no keys, and the bike has been sitting since 84 maybe 85 not touched.

    Checked VicRoads and nothing came up so I'm not too sure what to make of that, either :/
  2. I am not sure if they were ever imported here which probably means its a Grey Import. Some of the other guys may have more info.

    As for a manual, you may need to get an official Honda Manual as there don't seem to a lot of bootleg versions out there. Try an enquiry through their site


    or probably cheaper than the Honda official Service manual Haynes have THIS

    Good Luck, They were a great bike, good to see a restoration project on one.
  3. Yeah thanks man I think this one may have been sold here as it's got a black vin plate with 'complies with adr whatever' on it then the bikes serial number.

    I may be putting this resto on hold for now as I put a deposit down on yet another bike today (95 Balius) that needs a new gearbox.
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