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My first helmet and leather jacket.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by OscarA, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Went to AMX motorcycles accessory clearance center in Bayswater (Melb) for a look and walked away with my first helmet.
    It's a Matrix RCV Diablo,


    I got it for $99 they have a few different helmets for $99 but this one really caught my eye.
    I see that bikebiz have them for $349 http://www.bikebiz.com.au/enter.html?lang=en-us&target=p4950.html&lmd=39902.710116
    so I'm thinking I got a decent helmet for a bargain price.

    Also got myself a Mars leather jacket of ebay so I'm well on my way as far as gear is concerned.


    The Mars leather jackets appear to be real quality and last forever so I'm safe there but anyone have experience with these helmets.
    The guy told me they are unbelievable value at $99 but not a well known brand so not the best selling helmet.
    They are fiberglass so built tough and seems to fit nicely.
    Not to tight but tight enough that if it gives a little it'll still be a nice fit hopefully.
  2. 99bucks! woah thats one cheap helmet.
  3. makes KBC look expensive

    honestly OscarA - its your head at stake here.
    its good to get started, but i'd look to upgrade at some stage
    yes it may pass standards, but personally if i have an off, i want to have done everything in my power to make sure the tools upstairs still work afterward

    congratulations on your first gear purchases though
    its a sweet moment
  4. thanks guys, it's cheap at $99 but it does retail for $349 so hopefully it's half decent.
  5. The Matrix helmets are pretty well made imo - they arre just breaking into the market here so will be selling as a 'loss leader' perhaps. They are well known in the UK and Europe - I looked at them before and some of the build quality is better than my KBC - i.e. rubberised neck padding rather than the plastic overlay which always peels off. That is the nature of MAX as far as I am aware - they will get a batch of gear which is not always sold again so some products are not a continuous line. I think you got a good helmet at a bloody good price!
  6. The cost is irrelevant, some helmets are better than others and it's not always reflected in the price, the most important question you should ask yourself is "how does it fit?".
  7. It's hard to know what's a good fit or not seeing it's my first helmet but having read this site for the last month or two I'm fairly confident I got it right.
    I was thinking I might be a medium but there were no mediums so I tried on a large and it felt tight but not to tight so if it gives a little it should hopefully still be a nice fit. I grabbed another make of helmet in a medium and struggled to put it on, way to tight so I'm fairly confident I'm a large.
    The Matrix is a nice fit so I'm happy with my purchase.

    Thanks Cheeba, I was hoping that's the case.
    The salesman told me these are great helmets and built from the same fiberglass composite material as the more expensive helmets like the shoei helmets but it's hard to know what's a sales pitch and what's not.
    He did sale they aren't selling well in Australia hence the clearance price.
    Next on my list is Draggins and gloves then come June-July I go motorbike hunting.

    Here are some stats for the helmet
    Matrix RCV Diablo Helmet.

    Features >
    # Tri-composite multifibres
    # Channelled air intake
    # Double D-Ring retention system
    # Two size eps double density
    # Transparent dry comfort material
    # Removable and replaceable interior padding
    # Washable interior padding
    # Anatomic nape comfort system
    # Air kit lateral and top ventilation
    # Shield is easily removable with no tools
    # Injection shield 2.2mm
    # Shield is anti-scratch and anti-fog
    # Double rubber strip shield
  8. cheap! i got a kbc, not happy with it, but i can't afford a new, better one atm :LOL:
  9. its just a helmet....im sure it will be fine...better than an icecream lid.

    the ones who say you will die are probably trying to justify having to replace their 1200 arai or xeleven after every 3 years due to normal wear/tear and ageing
  10. I got my gear (except boots) last Thursday...

    Helmet - Rjays Graphic $230
    Jacket - Shift Tempest $269
    Gloves - RJays $60

    Not an extravagant spend but everything fits right and feels comfortable while doing the job its meant to. Money is an issue these days for a lot of people so just get the best you can on the budget you have got.

    Enjoy the rides :)