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My first group ride!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Lans, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. On Sunday I went for my first group ride with a few peeps I met when I bought my bike... What an awesome experience! I've made some fantastic new friends and built up more confidence and experience on the road.

    For fellow Queenslanders, we drove out to Esk (which is so beautiful!) had pancakes and got to eyeball all the other cool bikes out and about in the beautiful spring weather!
    Then came back through Mt Glorious, Mount Nebo and The Gap. Which was a bit scary and will probably need to do that a bit more before I feel confidant! Had a few hairy moments and pulled over to take a deep breath and recalibrate. Those corners are scary!!! Anyways, took it easy and got home safe and sound.
    Cleaned the 1000's of bugs off my helmet and bike and gave it a huge hug when I got home! haha. What an amazing experience.

    Just wanted to share my little experience. :)
  2. Nice. I'm glad you followed rule #1! :)
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  3. Thanks [MENTION=37494]RuKu[/MENTION]! Always try to follow the rules & listen to the experienced folks! :)
  4. Glad you had fun, Lans. It's a good ride, demanding enough that you feel pleased with yourself for making it.
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  5. Thanks [MENTION=32906]kneedragon[/MENTION]! It sure was! Also, I watched a few of your videos to help me with my gear changing technique. They really helped me. Thanks for making them :)
  6. Thank you, glad you liked them.
  7. Very cool. Saturday was a great day for riding, glad you enjoyed it!
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  8. Group rides (in my case, pref smaller groups up to 10) really give you a different experience.

    Glad you had a good time. Me, I just had my first ride of the spring and i'm still grinning.... I missed that V twin purrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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  9. Hey congrats on your first group ride :) tis fun

    send some sunshine to biketoria will you
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  10. Cool! Cornering is pretty scary when I first started and I had to take them nice and slow. Still so much to learn, which is part of the fun :) Enjoy the beautiful weather!
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  11. :applause:
    ... and there will be many more fun rides to follow!
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  12. (y) Glad that you had fun.

    I still remember my first group ride - It's etched in my memory forever. I'd a BLAST! :D