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My first fall

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gabak, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Hi all i guess it was gonna happen, I have come off my bike.
    This will teach me to wear my gloves at all times.
    This is what happenned went to take off gave my gloves to cousin to take with him in the cage because we where just going down the road to drop my bike of and take the cage and go fishing.It was a lovely saturday last week.Its amazing how different the throttle and clutch feels without gloves. Gave too much throttle let cluch out abit too much bike picked up on 1 wheel and threw me off.

    I now have a fracture in the elbow and a fracture in my wrist (some little bone next to my thumb) I had all the right gear on jacket,helmet,draggin jeans,boots,but no gloves :p . The bike has a broken clutch lever thats it nothing more the bastard bike came out better than me I guess they don't build them like they use to
  2. Sorry to hear about your off. Happen to everyone at some stage.

    You should change the name of this thread to "My First Wheelie". COngrats on that one...

    Bones heal dude. Hopefully you'll have a coupe of good scars to show off...
  3. Bugger mate, sorry to hear. :( I hope your fractures heal quickly. :)

  4. how did it throw you off, was it straight of the back, or did you fall of the side?

    well hopefully everything heals quickly and out of everything why no gloves i find the jacket and the helmet are the slowest things to put on
  5. lol yah i always take it easy when no gloves cos of how different it feels.
    Sorry for laughing, just thinking about how some people question claims of GPXs doing wheelies :LOL:
    good news the bike got almost no damage, pity bout your arm tho :( heres to a good recovery!
  6. The sad fact is that gloves won't save you from a wrist fracture. They occur because of the way your arm hit. What they will save you from is a lot of pain and discomfort while the skin grows back.

  7. true but bad time for it to happen in sydney now everyone looks at me like i was at cronulla as i am from middle eastern background so when i go shopping with the wife an son everyone looks at me weird also security guards follow me.
  8. Mental note: using no gloves will improve my crap wheelies... ;)

    Tough luck ya clown, heal up soon.
  9. You can mono a GPX2fiddy?? Well I suppose you have proved that you can. Better luck on the landing next time :p
  10. yes you can wheelie a gpx 250 it was my second one actually first one i stayed on and acted like i meant to do it.second one goooooone. :LOL:
  11. Screw them gabak , you should be able to go about your everyday things without being hassled . Bugger about your off , look at it as a learning experience .
  12. Ah, the joy of learning eh. :LOL:

    Sorry to hear about the off. Hope you pull up well soon. :)
  13. Now theres an understatement if I ever saw one! :LOL:
    Sorry to hear about the flip!
  14. bad luck mate , just takes that split second .... at least apart from your wrist (scaffoid bone ?) your hands are intact
  15. I wouldn't worry about it. We've got people on this forum who don't look Middle Eastern and security guards follow them all the time too...

    Don't they Glen :LOL: :LOL:

  16. hey gabak, sorry to hear about your small fall with such serious consequences. It's hard to believe that not wearing gloves could have made that much difference to the amount of feel you had on the controls.
    Get better soon, riding weather is here! :D