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My first fall

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Dakotabre, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. :oops:

    Ok... So I had my first fall off my bike yesterday afternoon, I'm sooo embarressed... the worst thing - I was stationary in works car park when I did it haha

    I stupidly leant the bike over to the left too far whilst I was kicking up the side stand so I didn't have my foot down to take the weight of the bike, so the bike and I toppled over. I had all my gear and helmet on, but it still bloody hurt. Sore shoulder, wrist and hip today. The helmet and bike are now christened with a few grazes.

    But now I can't stop thinking - Gees if I'm this sore after falling of stationary, how much is it going to hurt falling off whilst I'm actually moving :(

    It was very embarressing, but a good lesson to me to be careful even if I'm just sitting on the bike stationary!
  2. You fall the same distance no matter what speed you're going. Less usually, as you're leant over. :wink: Don't sweat it.
  3. Sorry to hear that Dakotabre! I hope you are not feeling sore for long.

    Dont get down about it, just think that it seems like everyone has to have their embarrassing moments on the path to experience :)

    Yeah the bike gets very heavy when stationery and on a lean huh :wink: It easy to do.

    So, are you up to riding to work now and mixing it with a bit more traffic?
  4. don't worry after a couple of crashes you sorta learn the best way to crash and which way will hurt you the least.... :LOL:

    Me i still reckon it's not a good skill to practice to often :p
  5. I scoffed when my instructor said "don't forget to put your feet down!".

    Amazing the number of times you catch yourself failing to do just that.
  6. +1 to Stu and Dev

    Same distance downways, the only difference is the slide. As long as you are geared up and you don't hit anything in the slide you are all good...

    Highsides and over the bars are different stories however as they tend to launch you up a bit higher! :LOL:

    Keep at it!

    and Yeeewww! another local! :p
  7. Don't worry, virtually everyone on here has a embarrassing story about stationary drops and stuff, i remeber hopping off my bike only to have it come slamming back into me and send me flying a little while after :LOL:
  8. Just make sure your helmets still alright to wear.
  9. The pain is magnified by the knowledge you may have been seen! Don't worry about that though, we've all done something similar.

    As for the fall, yup, it hurts and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Even more reason to avoid it if you can. Stewy's correct, best not too practice it too often!
  10. Ah, Thank you - I am glad to hear that others have and will continue to make the same silly mistakes and embarressing moments :)

    My nerves when riding have been a bit higher since, but that can only be a good thing as it keeps me more cautious!

    I'm still enjoying the big learning curve of riding, although I think I'll look around for more protective gear. especially something for the hip area.. but I haven't seen much, if anything available for that area?!

    Thanks again for your encouraging comments :)
  11. This is by far my favourite thread on NR, it's a shame it dropped off....I think as long as there are motorcycles, we'll find ways to embarress ourselves :LOL:

    Cream buns, chocolate eclairs, pies, pasties, sausage rolls...
  12. HaHa Chef, that thread was fantastic, I've just finished reading the entire thing - On one hand it's so great to see just how many of us make so many different mistakes, but on the other hand.. makes you think... I've got all these other mistakes to look forward too!!

    Great read though, thanks for directing me to that thread Chef ;)
  13. :) It's a pleasure mate. Makes for a good read doesn't it? Shame it doesn't come with more pics though. :LOL:

    It'd be good if you could add your 'experience' to the bottom of the thread, maybe we can bring it back from the abyss?
  14. now now cheffie... :wink:

  15. :grin:
    I said mate cos i didn't want to be obvious.
  16. Did your head/helmet hit the ground? If so, you really should consider replacing it.

    A helmet can cope with being dropped if there isn't a head in it at the time. However, if your head is in the helmet when it hits the ground, you probably should buy another one.

    My 2c
  17. dont worry about it, i did the same TWICE!!! within a week. with my boss looking out of the window.
  18. I dropped my bike when I stopped to help another rider who had tipped over on an intersection that had a steep sideways slope. I pulled up onto the footpath, dropped the side stand, and jumped off my bike to help the other rider pick her bike up.

    Except I didn't quite get the side stand all the way down. As I turned around I caught a movement from the corner of my eye. When I turned my head back I saw my bike topple, ever so gently, onto its side. I reached out to grab it, but once they are on their way down it is not worth the back strain to try to save it.

    So I ended up standing two bikes back up instead of one. Doh.
  19. These are the pants i wear http://www.bikegearwarehouse.com.au/s.nl/it.A/id.1977/.f?sc=9&category=698
    The hip padding seems reasonable

    I guess alot of us drop the bike at some point, so don't sweat it. I've almost dropped mine twice, not counting that episode the other week where i...kinda...er...rear ended somebody...(hangs head in shame)
  20. After I pull up and put my left foot down - to not seem noob, I immediatly put both down.. just pretend to stretch if you dont want to feel like a wanker :p I try and come to a stop in nuetral aslwell :/ Just incase clutch cable snaps!.. Which sucks..