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My first fall -lessons learnt

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paradox, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. So I had my first fall today.

    Starting off from the lights, straingty into a corner, trying to get in front of a car for a turn further up.

    Riding with a mate, trying to be a show off.

    Take the corner too hard and start grinding my stand on the ground. Panic and try braking. Next thing I know I am up in the air watching the road approach my face quickly.

    Cars behind me stop (thank F*** for that). I get up and my mate helps get the bike off the road. Many thanks to the doctor or nurse who pulled over and gave me a quick examination :)

    Ok so onto the lessons learnt part of the story.
    1. Don't try and show off, especially when you are in your thirties, you just look like a wanker.
    2. Full face helmets are good, looking at the scratch marks, it saved me from having my jaw reconstructed.
    3. Protective gear makes a massive difference. It meant I got to walk away with some bruises and scratches. (i even got to finish my ride).
    in my opinion
    -full face helmet saved my jaw being broken
    -gloves saved knuckles being broken
    -Jacket saved bad scrapes and cusioned fall
    -Pants saved bad scrapes

    So I am up for
    new helmet
    new side ferring
    new jacket
    new side mirror
    new glasses
    New pants

    4. When you scrape the pegs, you should power on rather than try and brake.

    So all up, small price for an important lesson.

    Safe riding out there :)
  2. Bad news dude.

    Lesson learnt then and off you go son!!

    Did you try breaking with the front? Maybe thats where you came a cropper.Front brake will stand the bike up quickly meaning you take the corner wide.

    Maybe you highsided?

    Any idea of what speed you were doing?

  3. 1. Don't try and show off, especially when you are in your thirties, you just look like a wanker.

    Should be engraved on ALL our foreheads :LOL:.

    Good to hear a reasonable outcome, financially, health-wise and learning-wise, from your little adventure :).

  4. Paging Goz...
  5. :worthlesspics:
  6. Was the nurse hot? :LOL:
  7. i think i have seen that movie.. :wink:
  8. I think I have that movie and a few others on that 'story' line :p
  9. now because u have admitted to your own mistakes, the only thing i care about your story is, did u get the nurses number?

    bad news about your off mate, good to see you ok
  10. Sometimes it would be better to be injured :p

  11. Not sure if it was a nurse or a doctor, either way he was a guy, so not really my cup of tea.

    Yeah, I am pretty sure I tried braking with my front brake and that is why I came undone.

    Feeling a lot more sore today, but my headache has gone away, so that is a good sign :)

    I guess I would have been doing about 40-50 KPH. I had just taken off from the lights.
  12. ok i take my comment back then, anything else worth looking at while u where lying down? :grin:
  13. There's nothing wrong with showing off as a 30 something. Was this the male nurse that helped?

  14. lol thats just wrong in every way
  15. oh no - I've only got 8 weeks to be a show off - and i'll be overseas for 3 of them - better get out there ASAP

  16. Not enough beer goggles in the world to make that attractive. No matter how hard I was hit on the head.

    Overseas is the best place to make an arse out of yourself. When you come back, you can pretent it never happened.
  17. :eek:hno: What the hell is that???

    Bring the Spartans back!!!
  18. naughty girl u!

    Front brake is nono on a turn.

    Helmet yes
    Fairing maybe/repair/respray
    Jacket, Prolly still good dont bother for new one
    New mirror yes
    New glasses yes
    New pants - just wash em, poo comes out :LOL: (prolyl still good liek jacket unless it wasnt proper gear)