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My first ever run

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Arokh72, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Got my MT03 delivered last night. Sadly was too dark for me to comfortably head out. Anyway today was the day. First stop was to fill up...$15 wow (1/2 tank). Went out to Wedderburn (NSW). Stalled a couple of times on the steep hill there just after the causeway (those who know the area should know the spot), good for hill start practise though haha. Cornering seems ok, at least I stayed on, kept to the recommended speed limit so didn't walk it, just need to watch where I am in the corner as with one corner I was too close to centre line. Also just need to do better with gears as I was in too high a gear a couple of times and the bike was shuddering and struggling. There was one point where going down to first didn't fix it, not enough revs I suppose, so just stopped and started fresh. Got up to 70km/h (legal) and WOW it was awesome. I took some of the lesson to heart, even remembering to just tap the brakes when slowing so any vehicles behind can see I'm slowing down. A council truck behind me gave me plenty of space, must be a rider :) So far 14km, sadly I have some uni work and errands to run (which needs the car...can't bring a freezer home on a bike) and it's starting to rain. So far I feel it was a good start. Next job is to tackle roundabouts since there are so many in my area.

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  2. Brand new bike? Remember you're also scrubbing in new tyres so take it easy until you start seeing lots of un-shiny rubber. You're off to a good start! The thrill of setting off never gets old, even when you (like me) do.
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  3. Went for another ride this morning. Went back to the dealer to show the guys, and prove to myself I could, then went for a quick run down to Appin. Getting better at keeping the revs up and being in the right gear. Still gotta work on stalling, and no over revving on a hill start...did a small wheelie at lights today. Other than almost crapping myself, I recovered and made it around after a restart (turning right off Appin Rd into Woodland Rd for those that know the area).

    The wind was a challenge, but a good test for me. Good timing on the run it's just started to rain a little here. Might be my last chance for a few days if the forecast is correct.
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  4. Had the bike for 2 1/2 weeks now and put about 130km on her. Today was my first highway run, from Campbelltown to Liverpool, after having a week off due to being sick :( Was an awesome ride, though a little challenging with the strong winds trying to boot me off the bike. Came home with stiff hands haha. I was a good boy and stuck at the legal 90...mostly...ok I just had to briefly take it up to 110. I dare say the MT03 is certainly not the most powerful LAMS bike out there, but it has enough oommph to keep me smiling and to keep up with even highway traffic without pushing the revs limit.
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  5. Excellent. How you going with the stalling thing?

    You need to ride more...
  6. Getting better. Didn't stall once today. I know I need to get out more, but between uni, work, crap weather, and being sick it has been hard. Not to mention I'm not sure where to ride haha.
  7. Ride everywhere, all the time and don't let the weather stop you.

    In fact if it is raining you should go out riding in it.
  8. I'm getting my dry confidence up before I head out onto the grease :) I half tempted to make a non peak run into the city tomorrow, as per how I'll commute. Just not sure if I'll be biting off more than I can chew at this point.
  9. You don't have to ride to work or on busy roads for the first time in the rain. Just round the block a couple of times and the further and further. You'll thank yourself for it the first time you get unexpectedly caught in the rain.

    When I got my riders licence I sold my car to buy the bike so I had no choice but to ride in the rain. It didn't take long for me to get used to it and I even started enjoying riding in the rain.

    When my wife got her learners, the first time it rained I made her get on the bike and ride around the block.

    Unfortunately my son got his learners in the middle of a drought, so it took a while for him to get his first experience of wet weather riding.
  10. Going to ride to work for the first time tomorrow. Traffic is still lighter than usual being school hols, but heavy enough for me to gain some experience. Hope I do well, am a little nervous but figure if I keep putting it off I'll never do it. Honestly going from Campbelltown to the city via Canterbury Rd is never quiet anyway haha.