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My first encounter

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Kawi, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. I've been lurking amongst this topic for awhile now and have enjoyed reading the good and bad.

    Today I had my first near miss I was riding through werribee south heading to the beach to watch the sunset.

    As I arrived to the boat platforms the sun was going down and visibility was fading away quickly I approached a left hand turn and lowered my speed to match the turn. As I was going down the small road a small fluffy white dog came running out of the bushes on my left hand side I applied both brakes to avoid hitting the dog rather than swerving around because of the water from the boats that had covered the road.

    The small dog managed to avoid being hit and then proceeded to run on the right hand side of my bike barking and chasing me until I eventually came to a stop. In the end I took the dog back to its owner a young boy aged around 12? And then walked down the beach to watch the sunset.

    Definitely not as dangerous or as life risking as other peoples encounters but I just felt like sharing my first time being in that sort of situation.

    Btw the beach looked beautiful tonight next time I'll have to take pictures! :)
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  2. Yes next time you will have to take pictures. :D Dogs do like bike tires!
  3. Hello Berri thanks for reading. I'm new to the forums so just a quick question how do I like a post?
  4. Gosh, I can't remember if you can as a newbie. But here goes....hover your mouse under 'Tool's' 'Quote' and 'Reply' in the bottom right hant cornerand some symbols should magically appear!

    Also to tag someone in a post just add the @ symbol before typing their name. :happy:
  5. Hmm I'm using a mobile phone as I don't have internet or computer access where I live. Ahh well ill figure out how to do it eventually thanks tho :)
  6. Hi Kawi, yes Goldenberri is right. Until your account upgrades to member status you won't have likes, Private Messaging, image posting and access to post in certain forums. Keep posting up and your account will upgrade in a couple of days. The banner under your Avatar will change to Orange and the text to Member when you upgrade.
  7. Thanks Cj at what point does my account become a member status? Is it time based or post based?
  8. It is a combination of a number of things, including time and number of posts. I don't want to be too detailed on how it works because it is part of the site's spam defences. Generally if you keep posting you should upgrade within a couple of days.
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  9. Alright thanks alot :)
  10. Looks like you have upgraded. That was quick. :)
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  11. Ooh speak of the devil I'm now a member :)
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  12. I get that alot with my line of work. I'm a postie on an electric pushbike & dogs always seems to love my bicycle...
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  13. It amazes me that most of the time it's the little yappy one's that go absolutely apeshat at bikes.
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  14. Oh yeah! A lot of little dogs are fiesty f@$%ers!
  15. Like.

    That's the old fashioned way!
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  16. Near Miss
    It was a dark and stormy night....
    Years ago, about 1979 I think, two-up on a Honda 500 twin, loaded with tent etc for a few days touring the south-west of WA.

    A big storm has come in, we're drenched and want to reach Albany. Remember that dark bit I mentioned? It really was a dark night...
    Suddenly a big black dog (and I mean a BIG black dog) runs in from the right. He is there as I squeeze the brakes in the sure knowledge it is too late for them to make any difference.

    Amazingly, he had realised his mistake and already had his legs propped forward in a skid as he entered my vision. It was just enough, I felt a slight pull on the `bars and we continued on.

    On reaching Albany, the front wheelnut was carrying a piece of black skin about the size of a 50-cent piece, with those little wrinkles that dogs have in their noses... I think the big bugger would have survived, but the owners must have wondered what the hell he had been up to!
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  17. I had a dog come hurtling out of a yard foaming at the mouth and yodelling and being a noob I did the most sensible thing I could think of and slowed down (I know, shoot me now)
    The dog came on the spot and thought it was in heaven to have found a dickhead, willing playmate at 630 am in sleepy ole Condobolin.
    It trotted along next to me as I went up the road at about5km/ hr and the moment I gave the bike a bit of throttle the dog went into rapturous yelping and flew at me...so I slowed down again...and so on for about 2 kms.
    I hate dogs that chase bikes...I am sure this dog had a mate secretly filming me and even now they kick back with a beer to rewatch and laugh at my sheer stupidity. (I was hung over to buggery as well which didn't help matters -having sat up ehaaring and boozing with the locals to about 0100)
  18. Swerve? Brake? Then again you don't want to have to clean the mess off your bike!
  19. Every one is a Yoshi critic, even the Canis lupus familiaris.
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