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My first encounter with a tool of a cager

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tmg, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Was riding home on the ZX6 on saturday, when I had to stop at a set of lights. Waited a bit, lights turn green and I started taking off. The car in front of me is a White Ford Falcon ute with two young blokes with bald heads in it - figures.

    Anyway, as I was riding along, they seemed to be taking a while to get going, as the cars in front of them were taking off pretty fast, and then I realised they were deliberatly going slow/stopping sharply then going again, to piss me off. Well, they pissed me off. I thought several times of kicking the ute, or smacking the mirror off, but i didn't. I just wound on and over took them. Then 50 metres up the road they overtook me, then slowed down, waiting to see what I would do.

    I indicated to turn up my street, and then as I did that, old mate falcon merged into the turning lane. This set of lights turned green and all the cars turned up the street, but I wasn't taking this shit anymore, so I did a u-turn and pissed off to have a bite to eat.

    Moral of the story? The world is full of jealous, immature cagers...
    My Question? Why the fcuk!!! is the world full of these poeple?

    /end rant
  2. They were probably busy polishing their other bald heads and didn't notice you!
  3. tmg. dont ever think 'they' are only in your area.
    pekker-heads of all ages, shapes and sizes are all over this land...and further.
    the trick, i feel, is not to be one or egg 'em on.
    lead by example

  4. what you don't know is there were THREE bald headed men in that car :wink:
  5. stookie was one of them ;)

  6. The 2nd one is a given [​IMG]

    So who was the 3rd culprit? [​IMG]
  7. scumbag !!!
  8. All i know is that it wasn't me
  9. Well. if they can't get some, then they need to do other things to "release" that pressure.
    A pity it had to be you. :(
  10. It wasn't someone you know? A work colleague or something?

    That's sucks dude, you would have been steaming. You did the right thing though.

    A few years ago a car was tailgating me within about 1 metre of my car doing about 70km/h, for ages. I got fed up and as he finally passed me I yelled to pull over. Only thing was, I couldn't see into his car because of tinted windows, it was midnight, on a secluded bush road. Not smart.

    3 people got out and I'm lucky to be here typing this I think. As we all got out of both cars (I was alone) I saw 3 of em, and the driver was huuuge (Ahhh-nuld on steroids huge and I'm kinda slim), and all I could do was laugh because I though "So this is it then. Bye world." That must have calmed him somewhat because I ended up with superficial injuries.

    Point is, not all battle's are worth fighting, well done.
  11. That's true Leakey. I hate fighting full stop. unless it is needed to help someone. But it felt better to wind on than to kick something. Even when I went to overtake him, he went to merge into the same lane again! :shock:

    I am over it now...got the last of the frustration out of my system today with a bit more "fast" riding :LOL:
  12. 1) Record number plate and description of vehicle.

    2) Ring police.

    3) Report that you saw said vehicle operator attempting to coax a 7 year old girl into their car at a local primary school that afternoon, and their intent seemed sexual in nature.

    4) Job done.
  13. You do realise you've just contradicted your signature Ktulu :LOL: :p
  14. Not if the cops shoot him onsite!