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my first drop, and some questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by WeeBubba, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. this morning when I arrived at work, I gave myself a mental pat on the back. It was the first ride where I had smooth gear changes and felt a little more relaxed. I felt like the practice was finally starting to pay off.

    Then I arrived at the car park and what did I do? I dropped the ****ing thing putting it on the centre stand. I don't know how it happened really, when I put my weight on the stand the bike lifted up and backwards, then it seemed to wobble and it fell over away from me.

    So after my big high I was left with a feeling of gutted!

    The bike is OK. A little but of the enamel has come off the corner of the handlebar underneath. can I get something to put back over that so it doesn't rust?

    I ask myself, what are my main faults right now? I'm finding that I'm still braking way too early, I'm sometimes not going fast enough, and I am definetely going too slow around corners as I usually have traffic backing up behind me. But I just put this down to experience and confidence. I reckon the more practice I get then my speed will pick up as a natural byproduct.

    I also haven't done enough slow speed manoevring (U-turns, etc) and no emergency braking testing yet (which I know that I need to urgently). So I'm planning to get to the car park on Sunday morning and do that.

    Just thought I would let you know how I'm going. Hopefully I'll be confident enough to ride to Homebush in 2 or 3 weeks.
  2. In Russia bike drops you

    dont let it get to you -- its like the first scratch you notice on a brand new car
  3. I did mine last night trying to get up driveway. I needed to give it heaps, and also slip the clutch heaps, it as its very steep and off camber. I stuffed up and it went down….lucky im only up for a new clutch lever as the ball tip of it is missing. 90% of it is still there. NO other damage. My left pillon ped was poking out and it took a bit of the brunt as it had grass/debris on it.

    It will cost me $16.00 for a new lever. (already ordered). I have to say that I felt disgusted and shocked at what I did. It is a real sick feeling when that bike was on the ground.

    as for your cornering, i am getting them banked up as well. mind you i am doing my practicing at night, in the hills where i live. very tight asnd twisty roads. i havnt practiced my u-turns yet.

    we are in the same boat.
  4. Bummer about the drop. Doesn't sound like you did any significant damage which is good.

    I also found I was braking/slowing too soon but that went away as I got more confident and comfortable with the bike. Here is a quote of some advice I got on getting up to speed...

    Also - Don't worry too much about cars behind you. If they get a bit insistent then pull over to let them pass.

    And if you are managing to ride to work then you should be able to make the trip to Homebush from Terry Hills no problem. There might be a couple of Netriders from up your way who might be happy to ride with you or at least meet you part way there... PM WainLyn or Miraz perhaps...

    Fun Ha!
  5. i feel your pain brother.

    first bike i bought, brand new, very shiny... rode it out of the shop and just rode and rode and rode aimlessly for hours, high as a kite.

    and then i found myself at a dead end, at the top of a hill on a narrow one way street...
    that u-turn was possibly the biggest disaster i've ever had to deal with in my life.
    and my new sniny bike slid away down the hill...

    gutted is putting it mildly... i was in a very dark place, totally dispondent for about a week.

    but in time, the pain subsided... and it just got a little easier to bare with each passing day.

    in fact i just realised, it's been many years... and this is the first time i've ever managed to talk about it to anyone.

    but i survived and so will you, chin up brother...
  6. There is three people in the motorocycle world, those who have dropped a bike, those who will drop a bike, and those who lie about dropping a bike :D
  7. I've dropped my bike!!..... 8-[

    Sorry to hear about your drop! No one plans to drop it, it just sortta happens now & then!! :-s
  8. Bingo. Chin up, she'll be right, we've all done it, & all that!

    Just get back on & ride!

    You can get a little touch up paint to paint over the chip in your handlebars, supercheap/autobarn etc will have something.

  9. First time I hopped on a motorcycle I dropped the clutch at about 5000 rpm and flew straight into a tree.

    I wouldn't worry too much about 1 drop if I were you, every one here would have a more embarassing story than that.
  10. everyone has dropped their bike, and if they havn't? they are lying or not going fast enough.
  11. Spot on mate. Exactly how I felt. Still feeling upset now. I'm already building up a special bond with my 2 wheeled friend, and seeing the first scuff mark on the side takes some getting over.

    But I must say that I'm feeling a lot better now after reading these replies. So thanks for that.

    This one cheered me up no end. (no offense!) I can picture the scene. Remind me not to find myself at the top of a hill at a dead end anytime soon. Thats a nasty one, reckon I'd end up in the same state!

    I had a dodgy moment the other day where I was trying to walk the bike out of a driveway. I reverse walked it back to give me an angle, then I walked it forward with full lock on to head out the driveway nose first. I realised I hadn't given the bike enough room to turn and I was heading for the gate. Trouble was I couldn't easily back up again because the drive was on a slope! In the end had to get somebody to help me push it backwards back up the drive!

    All good fun! :)
  12. i have a good very embarassing story for you, went to watch my team train one sat morning about 4 weeks ago, there was a junior clinic and sausage sizzle so lots of people. I went up onto the footpath and to a tiled area just outside main gate, doing about 5kph if that, tiles were wet and very slippery, I grabbed a bunch of front brake and down she went. After getting over the shock and embarassment, I nearly pissed meself laughing alond with about 50 other people.

  13. It happens....annoying as it is...and I understand.
    But really, in the grander scheme of things, it's nothing. An experience to look back on in future times, just like some of the other blokes here, and me, coz I've had my fair share of silly drops to.

    If you want/need to mull over things, mull over your riding and road skills...THAT is the sort of thing that your head needs to be filled with right now. Not a minor scratch on your bike.
    Your bike will forgive your indiscretion if it knows your training yourself properly. :)

  14. Know how you feel, that gutted feeling!

    I have dropped two bikes in my time, one about 20 years ago in Sydney when a cager pulled out of a Tee intersection and stopped :( I slid one way and clipped the center divider, the bike slid the other and dented the curb :(

    Second drop was about 3 weeks back, visiting a mate and turning 90 degrees right into a parking bay off a steep curved drive with a bit of loose gravel, you can guess the rest.... Yup that fraction too slow and it just got past the tipping point and as I put the foot down the ground wasn't there on the low side

    Few chips on the mirror, a bent brake lever and some gravel rash on the lower cowl and a good bruise where the bar end nailed my hand. Took both of us to pick it up, ahhhh the shame :) LOL

    End of the day it happens and I would much prefer to drop it at parking speed than crusing speed :) Spent an hour at the industial estate the next day doing some really slow speed turns and figure 8s so hopefully it will now be another 20 years before the next drop :)
  15. What I recon you might have done is not have the bike balanced on the centre stand when you started lifting it. Put pressure on the centre stand so it touches the ground, holding your bike, move it left/right until you are certain both points of the stand are touching the ground, then lift. If you lift too early it will pivot and get unbalanced like you described.

    My GS has been on it's side a few times in the dirt..once on the road. These things happen, life goes on. Still cheaper buying a clutch lever than paying for parking and tolls (unless you are in Sydney of course...)
  16. First Battle scars of my own... :'S

    Sooooo pi$$ed off!!! I finally had my first drop (in over 3 years of riding)... and it was a stationary one at that! (I know, i know :-({|:]

    Standing almost in the gutter after marking a corner, I'm not 100% sure how I lost balance as I'd made a phonecall, looked at a gps map for about 5 min, got my phone away and was handling my helmet ready to put it back on.

    Suddenly, the bike started weighing left *sh!t sh!t sh!t*.... over she went.... I tried to make the landing as soft as possible, but the fairing landed on the concrete gutter!! ](*,) Fortunately my clutch lever and bar end landed and embedded in mud, so will clean up fine - but I have a big set of small scratches on my previously perfect fairing.

    Oh well... I guess when I finally bin it while moving I'll just have to try and land on that side to make sure insurance covers it... :p
  17. I hear ya mate. Dropped mine the other day, it was very embarrassing. It was night and I was pulling into a Maccas Car park to get a Hot Chocolate because I was cold. I too was patting myself on the back as everything was coming together for me. ](*,)

    I had an audience of mostly 17-19 year old kids and they all laughed their asses off at me. Looking back now it would have been very funny to watch. =D> But I was gutted too. Luckily only fairing scratches and a broken brake lever for me.

    In the scheme of things mate the <5kph drops are the the most embarrassing but at least you didn't drop it at 105kph on the free way.

    Glad you and the bike will be ok.
  18. Hey Weebubba,

    I've had my bike now for about 7 weeks and have dropped it 3 times ... yes, that's THREE freaking times!:tantrum:

    Not gutted, just feel like kicking myself from here to kingdom come.

    1. Week after got bike was practising some figure 8's. Not enough throttle, bit of sand, and it sank like a submarine. This bent the gear shift in to catch on the stand (couldn't shift gears), so I planted myself on the asphalt in the middle of the carpark, foot braced against frame, and gently straightened it out ... all the while watched by amused onlookers.
    The upside - I now knew I could lift that 230 odd kg of bike in a carpark.

    2. Pulled over onto a shoulder covered in gravel. Went to leave, turned too hard to the right & bike weighed right. Down again. Bugger.

    3. AND today - now this is just plain stoopid, I'd been told NOT to do this. Instead of backing in to park, I went in nose first. On a bit of an incline, figured I'd be okay to gradually roll it out to the right. Nope, bike weighed left & it went down sideways with front tyre coming to rest under one of those rope fences. Took 3 of us to get the bike upright (thanks guys! :oops:)
    Lesson learned.

    It happens. We're all going to make mistakes. I figure so long as we're not making the same one's over and over, we are continuing to learn what to and what not to do - all part of the experience.

    It was precisely for these sorts of reasons I elected to get a second-hand bike, but I love it just the same. No damage (aside from the squished gear shift which is fine, had it checked). Each time I've found myself apologising to it, and so far it's been very forgiving to this noob. But quite frankly, I think I've fulfilled my quota of drops. 8-[
  19. This will make you feel better - I've dropped my bike about 14 times (but not once since I learn how to do a u-turn). Learning how to do slow speed stuff and u-turns will help with confidence. Good luck mate.
  20. When you ever feel dumb for dropping your bike read this thread


    Dropping a bike isn't really a big deal, you will kick yourself for it, but you get used to it. Will always look back and think "damn that was a dumb thing to do" but I'm sure there are many many other times you can look back to and think the same thing. Guess what I am trying to say is there are a lot of times you do dumb things, this one just happens to have a loud crunch.