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My First Drag bike, R1.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by tim650, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, just thought i'd put up a pic of whats in the works.

    Its a 2005 Yammy R1 with all the goodies required to keep it down and in a straight line. 8inch swingarm extensions, 3in lowered front and back, ported and polished head, Yoshi cams, Brocks 4in2 out the side (unbelieveably loud), upgraded fuel system, smaller front, taller rear sprockets blah blah blah... Important stuff is it makes 185hp at back wheel and has run 9.30-9.40's previously, thats manually shifting with clutch and foot..

    Getting sprayed this week so should have it all together and some finished photos or there abouts. My plan is to start racing it for 2010. I dont want to wreck my gsxr, its too nice =P~


    NOW, but is now stickered up from sponsors :)

    Dummying up a side exit pipe for racing on wednesday street nights. Audi LED style lights!
  2. It does look loud. Nice project mate.. keep us updated.
  3. Nice bike, hot chick, this post has it all!
  4. What can I say?
  5. nice one. and then theres the bike too :)
  6. would ride that :)
  7. Haha, funny boys.

    I ride it everyday. The bike barely gets ridden but hahaha. Going in today to mix up the paint for the bike :] Should look sweet when done.
  8. awesome mate!! Did you get this off ebay about 4 months ago?? I'm pretty sure that its the one I was trying to get my hands on
  9. It did go on ebay ages ago, i remember watching it, but never sold it then. I bought it 3weeks ago, so just a tidy up, servicing, got some sponsors on board which is sweet. If they hold up with there end of the bargain, i will be promoting Michelin tyres, Panolin (swiss made) oils, Stomp grips, and the people sponsoring paint = Bears Auto Hospital.
  10. looks unreal man.

    Youve got 2 amazing bikes im very jelouse!!!
  11. does it shoot flames?
  12. Weld a spark plug off the battery at the side exhausts and it will.

    Hopefully get it put back together this weekend all painted up, cant wait to start it again, unreal sound..
  13. You're a lucky man. Nice ride(s).
  14. Badass bike, must be heaps of fun!
  15. Im definitely gonna have some fun on it.. Hmm a Turbo off the side would be sweet too lol. Nah this is enough for now.
  16. It won't corner as well as a sportsbike.
  17. Doesn't need to, Bro.
  18. That makes it a cruiser.
  19. A very fast one at that :bannanabutt:

    Its only purpose is to go straight, i'll leave the corners up to my gsxr :)
  20. No upgrades planned for the other 'ride' lol?