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My first dirt ride...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kols_kebabs, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. I rode on the dirt for the first time today- What a blast!

    A couple of mates of mine have bought traillies recently. We're all complete dirt novices.
    The weapon I was leant by my mate to tackle the track was a 1978 Yamaha DT175. The knobbies on it are worn flat and at least 10 years old, pogo stick suspension at both ends, but boy can it fly! Incredible engine, it fly's up to redline as soon as you open the throttle a little, and you spend all your time with at least 5000 rpm (out of 7000) on the tach.

    I came unstuck twice. As a dirt biker I make a great road rider. Both the times I came unstuck I was trying to cross the muddiest section of the track. I'm talking really deep, slick stuff. My friend pointed out that only the really pro guys were even tackling that route. I learnt there's nothing wrong with going off the beaten (and thoroughly muddy trail), and crossing the safer grass.

    Oh and I 'bent' (im pretty sure they're just twisted, still rideable) his forks in my first drop, but he was thankfully pretty cool about it.

    As the day went on I relaxed a little, eased my death grip on the bars, and I even managed to pass the 3 year olds on peewee 50's!

    I totally get what people mean when they say years of dirt won't prepare you for road riding. Completely opposite experiences. Everything you know about riding is wrong.

    I throughly recommend giving the dirt experience a go. It's expanded my idea of what a motorcycle and myself can do. Still undecided if I'm ready to shell out the cash for a dirt ride of my own.
  2. I'd love to give it a go sometime. But don't want to fork out the $250 HART wants to give me that go.
  3. Just take your road bike out :p

    I was actually pondering on the ride home how the GS would go... 240kg and 70hp, it's just like that rediculous BMW boxer thing... the HP2
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    It sure is a blast riding in the dirt. So KK, did you ride at the Watagans??

    And some great riders ride HP2's :wink:

    Check this vid :cool: [media=youtube]K6wkjOo90Kg[/media]
  5. Hehe, I rode road for a year before having a go on a dirt-bike.

    Straight up on a 400cc Yamaha trailie :shock:
    Was an absolute blast. Down at Nowra, hit the fire trails - found some drainage jumps and got a bunch of air off the little humps.

    Came off on the way back coz I didn't put a leg out round a corner for DORIFTO :p

    Great fun, I'll prolly buy a cheap dirt bike and a trailer one day.
  6. Hell yeah, dirtbiking is mental fun. I'm looking forward to getting Tim's old YZ100 all muddy and crashy in the next few weeks!
  7. I actually went camping at the watagans two weeks ago for a uni fauna survey.
    Bloody trail riders, with their unrestricted ktm's and XR's were a pain in the arse, all discussion of research would have to stop every time the deafening things went past :wink:
    Looked like mad fun, but a bit of a trek out, we just went out near morriset.
  8. Dirt riding is so bloody fun, been doin it since i was young and still love it today. The jumps and stuff make it all that better.
  9. Dirt bikes rip, I started on the dirt before the road on a cr-80, moved to an RM 250 then did my P's on a WR_250F. From my experience of trail riding I found that I always came across other cars (4X4's) other bikes and think I learnt most of my skills from them days, it teaches you to be alert of surroundings and, on a dirt bike the rear (and sometimes front wheel) are always sliding and spinning so you tend to learn handling. I'll defiantly get another dirt bike, as I love getting dirty and exploring. Probably a registered DR. Something big and reliable.