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My first day of riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Vitaly, May 3, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys ,

    I know i said before that i was buying ZZR-250 , but i bought FZR 250.

    What can i say , picked the bike up @ 6pm on Nepean HWY & rode it home ,i was shitting my self every second of my trip which lasted 15min :LOL: .

    But the feeling of riding the bike,no money would buy :))) , i have read some post about waving or noding to other riders , so i saw one on my way home & dicided to wave by doing that almost lost my balance :shock: .

    One problem i have had is my visior was fogging !! So i could not ride with visor down . Why is that ???

    This bike goes great & feels geat :twisted: , i was riding for 1.5h around my area , can not wait commuting to work .
  2. Nepean at 6:00pm for your first ride :shock: I do it every day and have for 16 months and still find it scary! Well done mate enjoy, oh and it gets better! :grin:

    The fogging thing can be cured, drop into a local bike shop and they will take you through the options ranging from masks to some stuff called cat crap :LOL: :shock: :LOL: :shock:
  3. Thanks matt ,

    I am not sure about cat crap :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: !!
  4. Cat crap does work..............just gotta re apply

    Do a search on ebay :cool:
  5. try opening or closing your vents. fogging is caused by your hot (and humid) breath/body temp conflicting with the presumably cold outside air. Opening your vents can create less of a temperature change.

    This is why when your in a fogged up cage, usually the AC will demist your windscreen faster then the heater :D
  6. Catcrap does work. Just make sure you don't "overwipe" it and apply it and wipe just enough to clean the visor and enough to spread the catcrap nice and evenly on the visor. Wipe any more and you'll be wiping OFF the catcrap which is not what you want to do :)
  7. Crack your visor open a bit.
  8. open the vent?
  9. Slow your breathing down and crack open the visor. What lid have you got?
  10. What year FZR and how much did you get it for? I have a FZR250R myself!
  11. It's been fairly cold and miserable around where i am for the last week or so, and I was given the same advice as phizog. Just crack the visor open a fraction, and it should clear right up. No need to ride with it fully open.
  12. Hi Gash ,

    My FZR is 1990 done 35k , i have bought it for 4k , i hope it's not to expesive .

    I have KBC VR2 helmet , i will go to bike shop tomorrow & get something for the visor.
  13. I use catcrap. It seems to really work. I also have a KBC VR2. I accidently dropped it today from my thigh height. Sh$#@$@#!$t, I have to replace it now. That was one of the most stupid things I have done this week.