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my first day at the Pre Learners Training.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sjk_u_u, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Havng no experiences at motorcycling and mannual cars i was really nervous(only just turned 17). It was at Clyde and there were 2 other blokes around 40ish. the instructor was fantastic and was not boring. anyway i got on one of those cb250s and dam it was nice. having no knowledge of clutch and friction point and all those things (only drives auto kk) i stalled couple times but got used to it. anyway it ws really great experience and had alot of fun. today i dun know wat we are going to do but really looking forward. any last advice from bikers out there??? thanks i hope i pass.

  2. Common sense. It's not that common but try using that. Don't be afraid, be smooth, be confident and you'll get by easy peazy
  3. Just dont get to stressed mate I have seen people pass that I will gurantee would be worse than you. Just listen to the instructor cause the more notice he or she sees you taking the more help they will give when you need it
  4. be confident, keep looking through the corners, and when you coming to a stop, use your breaks not your feet :)

    looks like we will be seeing you on a learner ride day soon i suspect.
  5. Just to really echo what was said, talk to the instructors about everything. Pester, pester! The more you ask questions the more confident you can get with the bike.

    I remember learning on the course, love that feeling! I can recommend a CB 250 when you get your licence too. Ace lil machine.
  6. B R A K E S
  7. I remember when I went for my L's, those CB250's were a lot of fun. But after riding on a zx2r for 4 months, going back onto a CB250 to do my P's was a pain. On my zx2r I feel like i can do anything, but when I jumped back on the CB250 I felt like a first timer. Talk about a reality check...i guess I'm not Rossi after all :LOL:
  8. yeah i was the same when i got my first licence
    i thought the cb 250 was great till i got my first bike then
    then when i got back on it i thought "gees it kinda slow"
    :LOL: :LOL:
  9. What eveyone above said is right .

    And very most important thing is ,HAVE FUN .
  10. Good luck mate and have fun. :)
  11. I havn't got my learners yet. Im in the Camberwell area in Melbourne. Wheres the best place (or only place) to go?

    (If you haven't noticed yet, I don't have much of an idea of the whole motorcycle thing. But I'm still exicted to get my bike)