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My first crash

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by UDLOSE, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Sorry to get your hopes up for those who don't like me, but it was on dirt and I'm fine.

    Been riding road bikes heavily for 6-7 years now, track days, hooning etc and never come off a bike.

    I recently got into dirt bikes so I knew that would change. I managed to take it out a few times (even in the pissing rain/mud) and survived but I finally binned it.

    It wasn't as spectacular as I had imagined my first crash would be, but since it was on AznCruiser's bike I'm glad it was minor (sorry again Mal :p)

    Basically the back end stepped across when it lifted the wheel, I was heading for the edge of the trail, i tried to dab the rear brake with the throttle still open but a mixture of brand new boots and Mals virtually mon existent rear brake meant nothing happened so I panicked and slammed the throttle shut bringing the bike down hard. I was trying to turn as I landed because I had little space and the front just went. If that were on a sports bike there's no way I'd have lost the front from that. I think my weight was too far back too, the first wheel lift unsettled me a bit and I think I'd shifted my weight back. Live and learn, that's why I got the camera on so I can see what I'm doing wrong.

    I had mx boots, body armor, helmet (obviously), gloves, but no knee guards and I was just wearing and old pair of draggins. Surprise surprise I smashed my knee and hip, i actually landed on some rocks. If I had the missing gear I probably wouldn't have felt a thing. My armor saved my elbow, that wouldve hurt like fcuk. Gonna buy the knee guards tomorrow :)

    So yeh after hitting the deck the first few seconds I was hurting and thought ah crap, then it instantly turned into "fk yeh I crashed :D" it's a stupid thing to say but it really felt like a monkey on my back. Picked the bike up and kept going.

    Ps: I know my ridings crap, I've got no more than 3 hours dirt experience.
  2. ooops :LOL:

    not the least bit surprised, Marty, you love pushing the envelope!!!

    Get back out there!
  3. my kinda guy. if it dont hurt u wern't goin' fast enough. Well that was when i was a punk, and mended easy...lol
  4. Ouch, that sucks Marty, glad the injuries are minor. Looks like alot of fun up until that point though :]
  5. maybe buy a hd
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  6. Yeah, I've heard Harleys are pretty good off road.

  7. Mate your pretty fluid on a dirt bike. You bodies working great. Altho it's hard to say, are you sitting back a bit much ??? or the bars need moving up and forward a bit.
    And yup done that a few times too, usually through exhaustion more than anything else...I am an old prick.
    I just bar up at the sound of a 2 banger.... what is it RM125?, ltd YZ125?
  8. I have a pair of 661 padded underpants,if you call 5mm of neoprean padding.You have a hell of a lot of landings on your hip but noone makes hip armor.After a while you get good at stepping off and not smashing yourself to much.I doubt I ever did a big day on the dirt and didnt step off a few times,mainly slow speed single track.I dont call riding fire roads trail riding,can do that on the Laverda.
  9. Just actaly watch the vid,Pasific Park,yes.The most wooped out rutted shit hole of a riding park ever.You can cover the whole place including the single track at the very ended of the valleys in 10 minutes tops.They keep it that rough to keep the speeds down,anything over 2 gear and your risking your life.The way better option is Lue near Mudgee.Much better but a bit of a drive and an overnight stay or a regoed bike and the few state forests a couple of hours out of town.
  10. Thanks Brett! Yeh it's an RM125, that's AznCruisers one in the video but I've got one as well but I broke it the weekend before (mechanical failure). Mals one runs alot better than mine was running that helped to catch me out. I probably was leaning back too much, definitely going up the root where I came off but possibly for the whole vid. one tip I read was if you can't see your front numberplate on an mx bike then your not forward enough, I try to remind myself of it but the whole standing up thing isn't automatic for me yet. I'd only been riding for 60 secs before the video started lol.

    Yeh Zim it's not the best but its cheap and local and I'm still a long way for maxing out my skills on it. I've heard about that Louee place, I'm very keen to go out there for a weekend but I need to make sure I got a few mates with reliable bikes. I've got a couple of mates who are just getting into dirt so it's pretty exciting.

    I love the whole pushing the envelope thing but I'm not used to the crashing thing. I'm glad my first crash was a positive one it makes me less worried about getting thrown off it again. Just gotta buy those knee guards.
  11. There are 3 types of Knee guards around.Cheap non pivoting ones,more expensive pivoting hinged types,what I have,good for the money and megabuck knee braces,easy a couple of grand for these.MCA on Paramatta Rd has the biggest selection
  12. Never liked the 125's... have to rev the shit out of 'em and continually fan the clutch to get anywhere. I was more into the 250's and 450's where they had more punch out of corners for tackling double jumps (like those at the Nowra MX track).

    Ahhh.. Pacific Park was fun; my first memory of this place was doing an invitation trials event on a YZ80D in the mid 70's (yes, a lifetime ago) with changed sprockets where I won the event against blokes wearing those stupid cloth caps and riding full-on trials bikes. Suffice to say, our club was never invited back for a re-run :)

    PS. One of my biggest crash occurred at Hungry Creek where I smashed my collar bone on their 6-jump set ... combination of exhaustion, a little shit riding across the jumps whilst I was in the air and the only time I didn't have my upper body armour on. I took evasive action on landing, locked the front wheel, slammed the bike into jump 3 and finally kissed the following jump with my shoulder.
  13. I couldnt understand why Marty was so happy after the crash...................lol. Ive always hated crashing, but I crash alot too so :(.

    Anyway, after that I got myself my own body armour.............its soo different from road riding and so much more fun :)
  14. That's for the info, I went to mca today and picked up a pair of the pivoting type.
  15. Wow that's some crazy stuff mate! I've managed to watch the trails guys at pacific park, it's very exciting to watch.

    The hardest part for me is working out what discipline of dirt to get into, I'm gonna try and muck around with different stuff on the 125 as much as possible.

    We going out tomorrow Mal?
  16. By far the best rider training,good exercise and good fun as well.I saw my first double jump at Hungry Creek and came to the sad conclusion I wasn't going to be the next Steven Gall.Still remember that HUGE jump on that down hill side of the big MX track, like a mine shaft at Hungry Creek,we hung around at Jillaby and Samurai Park at Nowra as well.
  17. I went with Marty last Sunday dirt biking and went track day two days later.........................I felt that riding dirt bikes improved some stuff like feel of the tyres on the road, but was a bad influence on other aspects, like looking ahead and body positioning.

    Its probably just bad noob habbit but on a dirt bike im looking ahead at close-medium distance.........whereas on the track I try to look at medium-long distances on corners. This bad habbit probably lasted till the second session.

    Another bad influence to riding dirt bike was I try to be more upright and lean off the bike the other way...............my first track session was a shamble.
    Riding dirt bike for me isnt natural at this stage and i have to think things through.

    Anyone else see the same?
  18. In very technical slow single track your looking at what line to use,but I tend to make the mistake of micro managing the tyre position.To be honest it all ended up the same,avoiding target fixation by taking info in visually and then looking past that to where you are going.Cambers are also exaggerated off road,I had my last off,yep at Pacific Park attempting a U turn on a steep hill.I leaned into the turn,that put the centre of gravity way to far inside the turn and down I went.Would have worked on a flat turn,just not on a hill.I should have leaned out,If you have a heap of natural ability which I don't,know some that do.It always takes me an hour or so to adjust.Same as going Skiing,I just go back to basic technical of correct body position,it comes back after a while.BIG PROBLEM is a lot of the off road spots I would ride have Grade 5 stuff RIGHT OUT OF THE CAR PARK.Frog hollow in The Wadigans come to mind.
  19. Having a bit more thought,most of my crashers off road were because I was leaning the wrong way.Inside the turn like road riding and overloading the tyres exacerbated by camber.I remember a ride from The Letter A once.There was a tree down right next to a rock step,maybe 400mm high that ran 60 degrees away from the track.You had to approach it off square because of the log,pop the front over it and swing up and around.The front went up but the back spun around and I went down on my hip like a dead fish.I was leaning into this turn as well.All these falls were low sides,something I need to work on.Been doing this for 40 years and still am learning stuff.I was using a Radial rear Trials tyre on this ride,a ton of more square grip but less on there side.Well worth thinking about you riding and trying stuff out.
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  20. I did two of the Steven Gall camps which really helped improve my skills. Re. the jump you referred to at Hungry Creek.. that was my favourite jump on that track. Swing out of the right hander and blast over the double with the bike on its side to get the wheels back on the dirt as soon as possible so-as to accelerate into the U-turn left hander. The height you would achieve over that jump was quite impressive as well, my friend (very trusting) would stand between the jumps as I sailed overhead. In all, Hungry Creek was a very technical track to master/tame.