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My first crash... :(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by shonofear, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. hey,
    so yea ive been riding Auckland roads for the last 4 months in all conditions using the same road 70% of the time and today of all days i felt like going for a little low slide round a wet corner.
    tbh, the corner prior i was a little bit over doing it considering it was wet as all but put more effort to hanging my body off the bike to leave the bike more upright with less chance of slipping out.
    but the next corner (right hander) got me by surprise, come in a the right speed for the conditions 30-40kph, body postion sorted, but before i got a real chance to start the corner i was already sliding down the road.... ahhh crap, everything went slow mo and i was reflecting on how silly my situation is now in, actually was thinking about the fact that i already had a buyer for the bike to pick up in a few weeks :(

    anyways, some kind joggers saw it all happen, and said they also saw a road push bike rider go down on the same corner 10 mins earlier so something was definately up.
    bike damage:
    snapped front brake lever (at least i could still ride the bike to work)
    broken mirrors/indicators
    bent/buckled rear brake lever
    massive dent in exhaust
    scratched engine bits
    buckled my gauges a little bit also,

    body damage:
    sore elow, grazed
    sore hip, bruised
    was actually wearing the thinest fake leather jacket with no padding and instantly reget not wearing my proper jacket, only wore it cause went to gym and less effort to get in/out.

    bike wouldnt start, tried push starting but no love, no i was only 1km to work so started pushing, uphill. at the top, after a big rest, rolled down and tried now to roll start and it fired, road to work, elbows swelling up, hips sore as, not really fazed though, real calm about it all.
    looking at insurance dets, $600- excess straight up, not even sure repairs would be that much...

    i guess i'll call em today amd go from there,
    at work now with some pain killers and ice,




  2. sorry to hear about your off, glad to hear only minimal damage to you, get checked by a doctor make sure nuthin 'unseen' to take care of, the bike, well you know you can fix that, worry about yourself mate..
  3. sounds like oil or dirt on the road........those things tend to be very sudden.
  4. pics added. u can see the white scratch line from the bike on the road.
    may return to have a closer look later today, must of been something on the road though
  5. Mega unlucky, Shonnan. :(
  6. totally Jemimah, super bummed. back on the horse though :p
  7. Thats no good. Best to get checked out by a doctor just in case.
  8. Sorry about the crash and hope you and the bike mend up quick.

    Regarding conditions, has there been a dry spell and this was the first time it had rained in a couple of weeks? The road gets much more slippery after a long dry spell...mainly due to all the dirt, grit and grime building up and then hang about the surface...if it was a huge down pour it may have cleared it, but if it was light rain, it probably wouldn't have washed it off quick enough.

    Last week Melbourne had a good week of good weather and 2 days of rain, but not a huge down pour. The next morning going to work saw it more slippery than usual and you could clearly see the oil stains coming up covering majority of the roads...especially at traffic lights. Some of it may also be coolant due to recent heat.
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  9. Docs... could not be bothered, and not saying that out of direct rebellion/too tough attitude but i am confident I am fine.
    will see how i feel tomorrow morning though.
    great info there phongus, sounds EXACTLY right. hasn't rained for at least a week or more, wish i had that in the back of me mind going around that corner.
    live n learn aye
  10. Assuming you were coming towards the camera in the photo of the corner, I notice that the camber is bad. Even so, 30-40ks seems reasonable enough. Well 30k does...40 is a bit risky, I reckon.
    I'd suspect petrol or diesel on the road, that shiny bit points to danger!

    But you're ok, relatively speaking... :)
  11. Main thing is that your OK. Bikes and metal are easy to fix/ replace!
  12. yea, your right, silly thing is though i was more concerned about my bike as i slid behind it... well sold the bike a few days, avoided the insurance route as i'll be heading back to Oz next week (YAY!!!)
    my VTR250 now awaits me.
    btw, ive really noticed myself becoming quiet depressed without a bike, and makes it worse when ive now been using public transport and see bikes constantly cruising by, free as can be
  13. Of course you feel depressed. Your bikes all busted up...gotta pay out alot of dosh in repairs, and you can't ride. Been there...it's the sh!ts.
    The good news is...it does'nt last forever. And it will soon be a distant memory that you will be able to be philisophical about.

    And it did teach you one thing...you can do all the right things and STILL crash. :-( perhaps stay away from that corner until it's dry and you can regain your composure getting through it.

    There is a particular corner at PI that has caught me out...now when I go through it, i know it is lurking, just waiting to reach out and grab me...I tell it to feck off!. :)
  14. thanks for the encouragement Raven, dont feel as alone now.
    prob wont have to use that corner ever again, so thats all goods as ive moved.
    live n learn