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My first crash at a race track

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Roost, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Yes yes yes, I know, it was bound to happen and lets face it I was due for a good crash so here goes...

    After a pretty dismal first session at the Island I had to come in early as a new pair of boots I was wearing kept slipping off the pegs. I was missing gears and missing apexes, it wasn't good so I though I'd better come in and put the old favourites back on. You know, if it ain't broke don't fix it, that kind of thing.
    I went out in the second session following a friend hoping to get a good but I got caught up in traffic early and he managed to get about a hundred metres in front of me but I kept on it and low and behold looked down at my timer on the third lap to see a new PB! I was pretty happy becuase I have been struggling with the Island for a while now and I thought "Alright I'm on for some good times!" So I was hard into turn one and hard into Southern Loop only to find myself with way too much lean angle on the exit and as the track dropped away as it does on Southern I just could seem to pick the bike back up. Everything I tried failed, power, counter steer all made the bike feel like it was just going to wash out and before I knew it I was heading for the inside edge of the track. What's that I hear you say? Inside edge? Yes, that's right, the bike just kept tracking and before I could work out how to get the thing back straight I was in the dirt on my back doing 150km. It all happend so fast!
    Anyway, I'm fine and the bike is, well, er, let's just say that I should, hopefully, if all goes well, have her back on the track within a month.

    Enjoy the pics :)



  2. Ooh shit bad luck. At least you got yourself a new PB to take home, and you're not hurt. Bike doesn't look too bad, here's hoping there's no nasty surprises.

    That's an odd sort of crash, not being able to stand the bike up out of a turn. Anybody else ever heard of one of those? Maybe you lost power?
  3. Fark!

    That sucks man, but any crash you can walk away from is a good one eh'.

    Gives you something to do for the next month now :grin:

    What was the PB?
  4. Yeah, tell me about it. I've been struggling trying to work out exactly what went wrong myself. It was weird, just felt like it wouldn't lift back up and before I knew it I was on my arse!

    I have quite a few spares already including another rear subframe and muffler so I think I should get out of it ok... I just hope the forks aren't bent. And with Bob Martins not around anymore I don't really know of anyone to get the frame checked so I was just going to wing it and see how it feels.

    147.25, I saw it on the timer on the straight but it shut down and erased the time when I crashed... :roll: Murphy's Law.
  5. WTF!? Rear stepping out/spinning up?
  6. Nope, if anything front felt like it was walking.
  7. not all is loss if you can learn from it i guess

    did any of the photographers catch it on camera?
  8. ylwgtr on here has a jig either on the way or already in. Get in touch with him pm me for his details.

    Very nice, that's slick mate!
  9. wow....hopefully doesn't take to long to get her all fixed and back to the track.....also good to hear you walked away from it
  10. No I don't think so, would have looked awesome though, I slid for about 20 metres. It's amaizing what a god job leathers do!
  11. At least it was your bike :oops:

    My experience at turn 2 was somewhat different...end result was the same though!

    Good to hear your OK I'm no expert but the bike doesn't look to bent, I copped a bit of a bashing both from the track and at home but in the end the bike damage was minimal and I walked away...and as a bonus I get to learn an expensive lesson :LOL:
  12. I love my motard. :shock:
  13. Crashing sucks. I know how u feel. Been down at siberia and turn 8 at the island, also on PB laps.

    Well u walked away from it, so ur pretty damn lucky. The bike doesnt look to bad, New rear subframe, bog the tank and ur right. I know someone with a frame jig so PM me if u need it.
  14. Not your bike? Do tell...

    LOL... Point taken :wink:
  15. I had a bit of an oops on my other halfs bike...note to self: If you must crash do it with your own bike :oops:
  16. ....dog house....

    Oh well, at least she rides mate that's a good thing :)
    I'd love to get mine on a bike but I'm too scared she'd plow the thing straight into a car and it would be all my fault so I just don't go there.
  17. Bike Magic in mordialloc have a frame jig.

    Bugger about the crash Roost. Owch! I totally empathise - my stacks have been in siberia and turn 12... the second one should never have been a crash. (stoopid brain :mad:)

    The inside of the track is an odd one alright... :?

    Glad you're ok.

    Damn respectable time by the way!
  18. Thanks rob :)

    Turn 12 :shock: OOOoooo, that would have been a bit scary, did you get out of it ok?
  19. No probs Roost.

    Yeh I got away mostly OK... better than the bike.

    Bent front forks, triple clamp and subframe. Completely trashed front end. There's a story about it hereabouts... lots of bruising to me, no broken bones thankfully. Mega sore for quite a while after... here it is if you're interested. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=29988

    Flux's turn two prang is an interesting read too...
  20. Oh yeah, nice one!

    All in all, I didn't really freak that much when I binned it because of where I was and it was a low side, even with similar speed...
    I reckon you'd have to surgically remove my leathers from my arse if I did the same thing at turn 12, not to mention highsiding it :shock:

    Very manly indeed :wink: