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My first commute to work!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by starlet, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to quickly say...I finally rode into work today
    (Parramatta area to Pyrmont) :grin:
    It felt so nice not to have to worry about finding a park and when I got home it didn't feel like a Monday - it felt great :)

    If I can keep this up I should have no problems going for my Ps soon.
  2. Good for you Starlet. Hope the potholes on Paramatta Road didn't try to eat you and bike up? Or did you go in via Victoria Road?

    I did Granville to Redfern last Friday morning in 35mins. But I did leave before 6am. Coming home at 3:30pm took nearly double the time. Traffic was so bad. I normaly use the train.

    Checked out your bike in the Garage section. What a great looking little machine. Is it a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke single?

  3. That's funny today was my first commute to work on my bike too :D (Melbourne city).
  4. Thanks Future :)
    I ride the back streets until I hit City West Link to avoid those roads, but there's always enough potholes and crappy roads to go around in Sydney :mad:
    My girl's a 4 stroke :)
    Granville to Redfern in 35 mins is awesome! It took me about 45 mins to get to work riding cautiously (much shorter distance though).

    Congrats Dice - it's a good feeling isn't it?
  5. From on-ramp of the Motorway at Silverwater Road to the other side of Annandale was all green lights. Even had a Green light run up Taveners Hill. Amazing. Wish it was like that at 8am. :(

    Your bike must be so good for the run into the city. So small and nimble.
  6. That does sound like a good run. It's a really good bike for the city, am sure it will be even better when I can master the art of lane filtering :wink:
    Your bike's nice too. You've put a lot of effort into your blog. My husband enjoyed reading your oil change story :)
  7. Good on you Starlet!! You'll be ready for your P's in half of no time at all :grin:
  8. Hey thanks for the good feedback on my blog. Glad you husband liked the oil change story.

    So what will be your next bike after the 125?

    Also be very careful with lane flitering. Its dangerous and if the cops catch you.... I do do it. But with great care. I find the cats eyes make my bike go off line so this can lurch you towards the car that is only inches away.
  9. on my walk home from work I walk from central station down harris st towards pyrmont and I see plenty of bikes riding home. If I spot a lil blue cbr125 i'll make sure to wave, it just might be you starlet heh happy riding :)
  10. You too :) I almost bought the CBR125R too actually heh, opted for the Kawa due to the thicker tyres (even still it's a crazy feeling of instability when merging onto tram tracks). So yeah riding to work is a great feeling but 2 concerns pop to my mind.

    - Leaving the bike parked on the street (though I have a disc lock, should deter some would be thieves)
    - Finding my way back home :p I keep missing my turn offs lol
  11. Well, I really love the CBR600rr and would be a dream to own it one day but now that I am riding and understanding how bikes work more I don't know whether I want/need the high end power or maybe I'd be better off with low end power? Plus, I need to determine what my riding style is like. In a perfect world I'd have all of them please :grin:

    Cool, do you ride to work at all? I'll keep an eye out for friendly pedestrians and try and give a wave back :)

    Yeah, when my bike is parked next to 600's it looks tiny. I was/am just happy I have a great bike to learn on until I get my open licence. It made it easier riding to work with Stealthassassin, on the way there I led the way whilst he buffered and on the way home we took a different route so thankfully, I didn't miss any turns :p
  12. granville to redfern 35?! i do quakers hill to broadway in around 45 :?
  13. I commute to Strathfield, I used to drive but parking is a nightmare so I catch the train these days. I am looking at getting a gs500 real soon, so hopefully I will join the 2 wheel commuter crew real soon :)
  14. So thats what the sonic boom is I hear in the mornings. :bolt:
  15. I had my first commute to work today on my Honda VTR250, I was fine going to work but managed to stall trying to pull out of an intersection on the way home. Thankfully the car heading straight for me realised there was a problem and I waved frantically before wheeling the bike back out of danger before taking a few deep breaths and starting the bike up again. This was within 2 minutes of starting my evening commute home (in the dark is a whole new experience!) but the rest of my ride was fine, if a little over-revved at times to compensate!
  16. Well Done Starlett, I also had my first commute to work today, in the pouring rain ,but still smiling .
    Nothing like time on the bike to help get used to it & get your confidence levels up, it sure is helping me.
    :cool: :cool: :LOL: :LOL: :cool: :cool:
    cheers little al
  17. Thanks for the replies!

    I've been commuting to work on a regular basis now and I'm loving it!!
    So much fun and I find when I get home I have de-stressed and work is competely off my mind :grin:

    Right now all I can say is "thank god it stopped raining". I think it even started to hail here at work and I was getting worried. The weather bureau has severe weather warnings :shock: Let's just hope I get home before that happens!
  18. Congrats!!

    Good to read. I have not got that brave yet. But I certainly watch every rider who slips by me to check how they work it.

    Riding through the hills is one thing, hanging it out in traffic is something else.

    I'll let yez know.
  19. Good attitude Starlet....give yourself a year or two...you will develope your own style (make sure it is a good one!!) :) ...along with that will come the skill and a bit of experience to be able to enjoy the 600. One step at a time. Everything you put into now WILL pay BIG dividends for you later on. :)
  20. Cheers raven, I can't wait :grin: I've been trying to keep good habits and not form bad one's... NR helps a lot too.

    Oooh I booked my Ps test today - it's a while away yet (end of Oct) but it's booked. I really hope I get them first go [-o<

    RobE - have you commuted yet?