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My first commute to work...too...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Madness, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Well I finally did it. Today was the day because it was going to be good weather. From Nth Essendon to Sunshine. Along ring rd, McKintyre rd.

    Anyway, did it damn easy. Was nervous before I left, but for some reason, in peak hour on way home I wasn't as bad. Just take some getting used to the wind. Over the Whitten bridge was very windy. I would have to get used to that before I went out on a very windy day.

    Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with myself. I felt so cool, there were lots of bikes out today.

  2. Good on you Madness... It sure beats driving or public transport hey?
  3. Well done! It's always the "firsts" that get our nerves up. And yes, there were too many bikes out today.... ya ba$tards! :cry: I wanna ride too :cry: 9 days to go... :roll:
  4. Well done.. Grip tank with knees and relax arms and rest of body to deal with wind.
    good on ya mate!!

    I will not even entertain the idea of catching the train to work

    congrats on passing another milestone

  6. Thanks everyone. Yeah the wind certainly is something I had no idea about. I had felt it a few times out before today, but anyway, will take all advice from here. Just like riding a horse, grip with ya knees. hehe.

    It felt pretty damn good.
  7. Congrats Madness!! :grin:

    How far is your commute?
  8. from NthEssendon to Sunshine. About 15mins. not far but freeway and busy roads all the same
  9. congrats! it just gets easier :D
  10. If you happened to read my thread about my first commute I just wasn't feeling it but its been 3 weeks and today is the first day I haven't ridden to work due to weather and today I really didn't have any motivation to get up because I couldn't ride lol

    I usually head home across the Anzac bridge up here in the arvo, the first time across in the rain + wind was character building for a learner to say the least.

    good on ya for giving it a crack! stick with it and it will only get better. :grin:
  11. Well done mate, I remember my first windy experience - I know how daunting it can be.

    Keep at it, congrats!
  12. Haha Andu, today's also the first day I drove to work since getting my L's.

    Feels so weird being in a car.. damn rain :!:
  13. I trained it today. how depressing the sky appears to be clearing up now too :( maybe I can duck out at lunch time to get my bike :LOL:
  14. I've done that before :LOL:
    But don't forget to get you rain-riding skills up as well... although maybe not the first time in heavy traffic.

  15. Beats drivin a friggin car to work each day thats for sure!!! Be careful when you finish work though. I almost ran up the back of a ute because I was dwelling on something. But thats all experience and learning, just lucky I stopped in time.

    Other than that, riding to work is the best.
  16. Riding to work again today, and have done a few times now but today is predicted very windy.

    Hope I go ok in it. Might take to the streets instead of the freeway...
  17. Good on you Madness, the wind isn't so bad if your prepared for it. Just add more of a buffer, observe the surrounding traffic more intently and lean into the gusts. Like the rain, the wind is a weather condition worth practicing in.

    Hope you are still loving your bike and having a ball riding!
  18. I'm having an absolute ball. I got through the wind no dramas. Felt good and wasn't nervous at all. I feel like a biker now. hahahahaha.

    Even getting into going round the corners like a pro. Can't wait to get my licence...