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My First Commute - SE Melbourne to Southbank

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WCRider, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I took the plunge and rode my "beast" from South East Melbourne to Southbank.

    It went really well, left early so traffic was light - felt really good, couple of miss shifts and indicator forgets - but all good, nothing serious.

    Road along Nepean Hwy, Glen Huntly Rd and then rode up Beach Rd - no issues at all, it was everything I thought it would be - best feeling ever.

    I had to keep reminding myself to stay loose, relax and also not switch off mentally when you get close to your destination, so the ride to work was sensational.

    Checked on the bike every hour to make sure its still there and check on it (pathetic I know)

    All day I sat at my desk, itching to get on the bike and ride home, was so excited, couldn't concentrate.

    I leave my desk get down to my bike, takes me what seems an hour to get ready as I haven't got the getting ready to ride sequence down yet - put my gloves on, before my helmet - then remember my keys are in my pockets etc etc etc... lots of back and forth but finally after what seems an eternity I'm ready to go.

    I go to turn the key and push the starter - nothing.

    Clutch in - yep Stand up - yep In gear - yep repeat different versions of this - still nothing. WTF am I doing wrong?!

    Fuel? mmm... low but not empty, trudge up to the local servo to fill up the tank - still nothing.

    I'm gutted.. There will be no ride home.

    Long long long long long story short - its on a trailer to a mechanic friend - Stator Failure, which led to a CDI failure.

    So in conclusion - my first commute had ups and down. So much fun, I just cannot wait to do it again.

    Here is the before and after...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. man that does sux but glad the ride in was a blast.
    Nice looking bike :)
  3. hopefully that's your bad luck out of the way now. And look at the bright side, at least your bike broke down in a nice place not in the middle lane of a busy road during the commute home.
  4. Have done exactly the same thing and had the Mighty CB not start.

    Since you have given a detailed diagnosis, I assume it is correct but yOu did check the kill switch was off didn't you?
  5. Stator failure is a common Honda problem. CDI's are usually pretty tough though so it may have survived. Stators also tend to fail towards low voltage not high voltage so CDI's are OK.

    I agree with GreyBM though you did check the kill switch.
  6. CB250 is one of only a few bikes that will still spin over with the kill switch on.
  7. A bit of tough luck there... hope it all gets sorted out sooner than later so you are back on the road and able to enjoy the feeling that is riding home after work!
  8. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for replying - I just sit and stare at the empty space in my garage.. Horrible.

    Regarding the kill switch. That's the first thing my mechanic checked out and tore apart, no issues there at all.

    I did get word back from my mechanic that the stator has been replaced as well as the CDI. So cross fingers should be ready to go. I get it back tomorrow night. Then it's back on the bike, cannot wait.

    Hopefully I'll be able to get to and from my next destination.

    Thanks everyone :)
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