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my first close call

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by R0SSC0, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. After a week on the road, today I had my first near miss. Heading down Canterbury Rd (city bound, from Mt Evelyn) in the right lane. Those who know the area will know that there is a stretch of road there where the left lane is double width and you can drive straight past parked cars without merging. Up ahead is a parked truck and just infront of me in the left lane is a ute. I'm thinking the ute has enough room to pass no worries, but I was wrong... he chucks on the indicator and starts moving across at the last minute. Trouble is he also slowed down a bit as he merged so that now he's right on top of me.

    I swerved as far right as I could and E-Braked. I locked up the rear for a moment but let go and reapplied, and stayed upright. Rather than coming to a complete stop I got back on the throttle once the ute was off again (does that still count as an emergency brake?). The ute only straddled both lanes for a moment then took off waving an appology. The scariest bit was locking up the rear wheel.

    I rode off really chuffed that I kept my cool and stayed upright, but also really pissed off that I put myself in that position. I wasn't riding in his blind spot, but I shouldn't have assumed he would pass without merging. I actually should have anticipated that he would merge and given him a bigger buffer.

  2. Good on you mate for coming out unscathed but more so for analysing how you could have handled the road craft better. Maintain that mental attitude and it will help towards being a survivor.

  3. A learning experience without pain!!! Perfect.
  4. +1. I had a similar incident 'first incident' two weeks after first getting my first bike. I'm sure most have been there and not had a repeat just as I'm sure you won't have a repeat of the same situation. Keep your wits about you and good luck. :)