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My first case of biker rage tonight !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Its the first time tonight that I actually turned around to chase a driver ! :eek:

    Riding along a 60km/h road that voice in my head told me to slow down as I can see a white Barina approaching a T-intersection faster than usual. The driver was not going to stop at the T-intersection and was slowing down through the gears to turn right, i'm approaching from his right. And rightly so, dickhead turned right in front of me without stopping at the STOP sign, and get this . . . through my helmet with IPOD on, i can hear his doof-doof music !!! :shock: . . he had no care in world or the others around on the road. But I passed him, there was that look of surprise seeing me with high beams on and horn tooting !!

    I slowed down enough, but i reckon if I maintained my speed . . . I would not be typing this right now !!!! :?

    So, I did a U-turn to chase the guy down !
    Don't aask me what I would have done if I caught up with him, but i was just full of rage knowing this guy was on the road !!

    He saw me chase him down because he actually ran a red light as I was catching up !!! Causing a car turning coming from the opposite direction to brake and also yell a few constructive words !!!

    Thats when I thought, fcuk it !
    I just hope I read the paper tomorrow afternoon with a report of a white barina wrapped around a tree !!! :mad:
  2. barina aye, i heard there mirrors stand no chance against fibreglass knuckles :p
  3. You've been quite a sh!t magnet recently haven't you?
  4. I had a real pain in the arse today. Coming home after uni in the city, I was riding through northbridge and there is a downhill section which leads through 2 left turns on a dual lane road in a housed area. Limit is 60. It's dark, there are masses of potholes in the left lane and often parked cars around the corner.

    I'm sat doing just slightly over 60 (like...62) and an audi TT pulls up behind me about 3 feet away and flashes his lights. I'm halfway round a corner at the time and in the right hand lane. I'm not going to move to the left because A) I'm halfway through the corner and I'll likely hit a pothole on the change and 8) I can't either speed up to change or slow down, cant speed because ill run out of room, slow down because this dick behind me will hit me.

    We get to a straight and he pulls beside me, beeping and motioning me to pull over. I just took my left arm off the bar, and because he was so close to me, flipped the birdie about a foot from his face for a good 2 seconds while he shouts, and replied "GET THE fcuk OFF MY ASS!". He speeds away and I'm sat fuming. Slow down into the upcoming caltex, breathe, carry on.

    I refuse to speed if I have a tit on my arse and I'll be dammed if I try and change lanes at night in a corner, on a road like that.
  5. Ah, the morons are out in force...

    What can we do?
  6. Not chasing them through red lights is always a smart option :idea:

    I get cut off daily, just have to control the rage and learn to live with it, as much as it sucks and really pi$$es you off...

    If I chased every car that cut me off I'd never get to where I'm going :eek: it's the ones that do it deliberately or have little/no care for you when they just realised that they've cut you off that deserve to meet your carbon knuckles :twisted:
  7. The Spidey Sense saves you once again, always listen to the voice in your head except for the one that says "you must kill all cagers"! :p
  8. I keep my rage bottled up inside where it simmers gently as a mental illness...

    one day one cager will do something truely unbeilevably dumb and hurt me or my pillion... after that point I will be pleading tempoary Insanety for any or all of my actions in court...
  9. Thats right.

    It's like swearing. If you swear all the time, what do you say when something bad happens ??

    Save the chasing people down for when it is really deserved.
  10. geez thats full on never had the erge to
    chase a car down
    although i never been almost taken out by cager before though (knock on wood)
    as i ride too safely at times
  11. But the voice that says "KILL ALL CAGERS" is soooo loud
  12. Just take down the number plate and report them to cops.

  13. become a bike cop
  14. Devils advocate here...

    Mickyb just makes it away from a near miss. Gidd riding skills on his behalf to approach the intersection with caution, and it paid off! Well done.

    But then you chase down this guy in his Barina who cut you off. He’s driving faster and faster to get away from you. He runs a red light and crashes into some woman in an Excel. The woman has 2 kids in the back.

    The resulting crash causes serious injuries to both the driver you were chasing and to the kids in the back of the innocent womans car.

    Yes, the guy pissed you off by cutting you off, but it is YOUR actions that led to the accident as the guy (who was frightened of you) ran away.

    As Fireblade said, if you chased ever car that cut you off you'd never get where your going!
  15. I completely understand your frustration. But maybe he didn't see you when he ran the red light. He ran a stop sign for no reason, why not a red lihght??Half these arseholes are out of their biscuit on something that usually isn't alcohol.

    I remember heading down the buslane toward the cahil expressway from the North Shore of Sydney to the South Shore across the harbour bridge. A similar muppet changed 2 lanes without looking and nearly sideswiped me. I moved to avoid him, he did nothing. I pulled along side him (both of us doing 80) and beeped to get his attention. It literally took him about 3 to 4 seconds to turn his head to face me (not through embarassment, but more to do with an apparent inability to turn it any faster). His mouth was vacantly ajar which complimented his eyes which looked like they hadn't seen a pupil in a fortnight.

    You did the right thing, you read the situation well and did the only thing that matered, getting home safe and sound.
  16. I think i just snapped !
    I'm a pretty calm sort of dude and don't let things worry me unless they are really bad !

    In this instance, it was really bad i guess !
    I saw all of his actions and evidently he was breaking the law running through a STOP sign ! . . at night !! :shock:
  17. Hey Waz, even if that was a serious suggestion :? I think he'll be waiting a while coz I think you need to be in the force and have been riding for about 10 years to become a bike cop... even then there is stiff competition to get the highly sort after position within the force!!

    Duffman, that's one heluva hypothetical you've put together there, but by MickyB chasing that guy and the cager in turn running a red light could very well have ended up as you've described... :eek:
  18. It talks to you too? :shock:
  19. When NemoHac had his accident, we had a motorcycle cop show up.

    They have to be able to set the cruise control to 120kph, then slam one side of the handlebars full force and just sit on the bike while it straightens itself out... :shock: :shock: :shock:
  20. After watching 'Anger Management' the Adam Sandler movie, I've realised that you and me are the Implosive types... generally calm and keep everything bottling up inside and then comes a totally random incident that's probably not any worse than you've faced before but it becomes the one where your anger implodes and you snap... goosefraba :wink:

    Best quote of the movie: "Temper's the one thing you can't get rid of, by losing it".