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My First Camping Trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by kma_jg, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Came back on Wednesday from my first multi-day camping trip with the Multi.
    Went from Melbourne to the Victoria High Country on the Great Alpine Road.


    Did just over 1000kms over three and a half days which is not too far. It was my wifes first long ride so I didn't want to make it too far and loose points :)

    Anyway, the trip covered various different road and weather conditions.

    On the first day we had a LOT of rain before we got to our first camping spot.
    Roads were mostly paved and in fairly good condition.
    Obviously wet and I had to take it very slowly through the twisties.

    Second day we covered a gravel road through the Alpine State Forest which was VERY challenging. Steep hills and in many places it was so steep I had the bike in first gear with my foot hard on the back brake to slow down enough to stay upright. It was the worst road I did in a long time and with a full load 400kg bike, it was very scary.


    Third day was easy. Didn't do much and the weather was good to enjoy the local surroundings and mountain roads. Used the day to rest up a bit for the last haul back home tomorrow.


    The last day covered good roads with about 50% freeway. I had to miss the twisties because of bad weather and strong winds. The wind was very bad and we got a lot of rain again. My head was shaking side-to-side and I had a hard time to keep the bike in one lane.


    Looking forward to the next trip already.
    Learned a lot with this one and think we did good not to take too much unused stuff with us.

    With the two of us, we had to take two sleeping bags and air mattresses. Didn't carry any food. The total weight of all the luggage was 45kg including the panniers. Didn't have a topbox, but think it wouldn't have worked well anyway. Got a lot more stuff on th tray I made than would have fitted in the box.

    Here is a link to a album with more pics.
    2012 High Country trip pictures by kmajohan - Photobucket
  2. Good ride report kma_jg, where abouts was the unsealed section?

    If you are not afraid of some unsealed roads then I recommend the Barry Way which runs alongside the Snowy river for a future expedition. There is a beautiful little camping spot near Suggan Buggan on one of the tributories.
  3. Great scenery on The Barry but slipper in the wet,how did the bike handle that huge load,
    so high and way back.I hear the Multi has the pillion sitted inside the wheel base so maybe that helped.
  4. Living the dream. Awesome. :)
  5. Thanks Chris. Will check it out some day when I go that way again. The stretch I did was from Buchan South to Ensay through the state forest.

    Here is a file that can be opened in Google earth.

    The bike handled very well despite the heavy load. The pillion sits inside the wheelbase which helps a lot with the weight distribution.
  6. Looks good mate.Cant wait to do similar with he Wee!
  7. Good stuff mate. Reminds me of our trip to the mountains with wifey at the back. Stuck to highways though.

    Best use of two wheels.
  8. nice write up