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My first booze bus experience

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RedRobbo, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Hi all I went for a ride last night a quick squirt up to Pakenham. On the way a booze bus station, obviously no alcohol had been consumed so no concern there. Then I started thinking do I take gloves off what about the helmet do I put the kick stand down. Anyway long story short the copper I got was a great guy got an R6 himself after a bit of a chat he said enjoy the ride and I was off. There were a few motorists who had obviously blown over and were having a longer stay and chat.

  2. Good experience. I was in Victoria over the weekend and went past a couple of RBT units but wasn't pulled over.

    I have found in NSW, however, that I have never been asked to show my licence when checked while in the car, but have ALWAYS been asked to produce my licence when checked while riding (so I have had to take off my gloves).
  3. I've only ever been breathalyzed once on the bike. I asked the cop if he wanted me to remove my helmet; he said no, we should be able to do the test with the helmet on - we could.

    Didn't ask for licence. I don't think I've ever been asked for my licence during a breath test, only for a specific licence/rego label check. In the cage, this is...I've never been pulled over on the bike ever, except for this breath test a couple of weeks ago.
  4. If the machine comes back with a low range reading (below .05) you will generally be asked for a licence to check if you are a full licence driver or if you have a zero alcohol condition on your full licence..

    if it comes back all zeros then there is no need to check the licence to make sure of this... unless they see any sort of fear in your eyes that might suggest you are driving/riding unlicenced. or pretending not to be a learner or restricted rider etc..
  5. It seems to depend on the plod, mood, direction of the wind. Last week 3 of us were riding up to the old road and 2 of us got pulled over for RBT.
    Licence checks (with helmet on) 0 alcohol blown. Plod looked about 18 and nervous so maybe he was just going by the book.
  6. That's always a good experience. I held up traffic because I had to take my helmet off. Second time I pulled my helmet down as far as I could and managed to do it that way. So much more convenient.
  7. Posted this before, but my first bike RBT I took my helmet off and then got a five minute lecture about how i could be booked for taking the helmet off with the engine running. My next time, i got lectured for turning the bike off.

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  8. Just a few weeks ago I had my first experience with a booze bus.

    When I started fiddling with my gloves, I got told to try doing it with the helmet on. So I pushed it up as far as I could and it worked. That was all he wanted, no licence or anything. He seemed to be in a good mood, even though he was working late at night.
    Since I don't drink and drive I had nothing to worry about. Was kinda exciting though to be stopped for the first time by the police :)
  9. While I was still on my restricted license, the plod were lined up along Brunton Ave checking pretty much everyone. I'd had a big night the night before and knew there must be a trace left, so I was shitting myself. I rolled up, visor up, yanked the helmet down and blew. She looked at the reading, looked at me and said 'Have you got your license handy, or will you have to get off the bike?' I'm so glad she loaded the question - I just said, yeah, it's in my bag, I'll have to get off. She sent me on my way...
  10. It might be an SA thing, but I have been 'waved on' by the last 3 breathos I have past on the bike, maybe they didn't want to dick around with the helmet thing, but they pulled in cars behind me.
  11. I've only ridden past a couple of breathos while on the bike, and each time have been waved through. Never drink when I know i'm going to be riding anyway.
  12. I understand that, but as I said in every case on the bike when I've been pulled over to 'blow in the bag' I've been asked for my licence BEFORE they did anything else.

    maybe I just look like a shifty character, as you suggest :LOL:
  13. When i had the m109, was asked to blow into the machine every time.

    On the ducati, i just get waved thru
  14. that's cos they know your breath will only smell of latte :LOL:
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  15. :rofl:
  16. i've always wondered about the number of riders they nail for drink riding.

    does it happen as often as drivers? anyone have figures?
  17. Man you gotta love them !.
  18. Turning off your bike puts them at ease, so don't sit on it with engine running while waiting, as it makes you look nervous. (Their perspective).
  19. I love stopping, turn off bike, take off gloves, take off helmet. Take up as much time as possible, cagers banked up behind me. Slowly put helmet, gloves back on, sit for a bit make sure all comfortable, start up bike and than slowly ease my way out of the station. Might help them see the more bikes they pull over the less cagers they can test. My gift to the bike riders in society.
  20. ^ My technique also. Far more dignified than squishing your mouth out of your helmet-hole. Also a great time to practice fastening your helmet with gloves on, make sure all zips are zipped, clips are clipped. Play around with some of those instrument panel functions you've been meaning to check out. Since you've got the engine off, may as well check the oil too..