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my first blowout on a bike (well almost)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by raffiki, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. i was sitting in teh right hand lane overtaking a truck with a prick 4wd up my arse when, the bike started to get a little wobbly in the rear which i just thought was the buffeting from the truck, as it was pretty windy. then in the space of about 2 seconds the little wobbles turned into a full on twist. cheese grater on 1 side, truck on the other, 4wd behind me, trying to counter the wind and a rear end with a mind of its own... oh baby what a ride 8)

    i managed to get over to the left emergency lane with the dude behind me almost running me over and the wind nearly blowing me under the trailer :shock: :shock: i jump off the bike to see wtf is going on to which i find the tyre has no air and riding on rims (thank christ it wasnt the front or i dont think i would be here). inspected the tyre and found a round hole about 10mm wide which i would reckon was the result of a bolt or alike.

    rang a mate, got the trailer and caged it home.

    that was an exprience to say the least.

    how many others here have had a rear/front tyre go that fast? any advice for the future or just hope for the best when it happens?

  2. Man your lucky. I hate 4wd's that tailgate, bastards. I've never had it happen to me and hope it never does. The RTA website has instructions on what to do in that situation but I don't know how usefull those instructions are. You should be glad your still alive though with that 4wd behind you
  3. Scary stuff mate. Glad to hear you are ok. I pray it never happens to me too. [-o<

  4. Raffiki, glad to hear that you coped alright with the situation and that you weren't injured. What sort of cost are you up for in getting a new tyre?
  5. luckily i needed new tyres anyway so 280 for rear and 180 for front i think. it works out to 480 fitted or thereabouts, the memory isnt all that good. i told them to put some more metzelins back on, those were some sweet treads :)
  6. Never happened to me and hope it never does. It doesn't sound like you could do much more - I think you handled it quite well!
  7. Well done Raffiki!

    Glad you controlled it and survived, I hate flat tyres, had a right hand front explode @ 110kph in a cage once, it handled like a sug with polio at the best of times...

    Dunno if I should have read this post, last time I read a post about something breaking (speedo cable) mine went out in sympathy!

    writes note to self.... double check tyres before riding home

  8. Gee Raffiki you are lucky!! :eek:

    Seems you handled it very well. As you said, things could have been quite different if it was the front tyre rather than the rear - but don't worry...you're safe and the bike is fine (bar the tyre) which is the main thing.
  9. It's much more 'fun' when the front goes down ;)

    Pucker-up :shock: