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My first bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guru, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Well after getting my Ls in early May, and waiting and looking and looking some more for a bike and then reading netrider then looking some more, I finally bought my first bike.

    Its 2006 GS500F with about 6200kms, just out of factory warranty. Picked it up from Blacktown(private sale) yesterday and rode it back to Wollongong. I wasnt keen to ride it myself so I had a mate lined up to ride it back but he had work so I had to do it myself. Was a bit nervous, but had my parents in the car behind me. Sorta thrown in the deep end, but ahh well, I'm still alive and kicking!! I really really enjoyed the ride actually after the nerves settled. Was so bloody sore after it all though. lol. But now I'm keen as for some netrider rides!

    Only thing is it doesnt have a centre stand. Anyone know if they come standard on the GS? Or maybe the previous owner took it off and forgot to give it to me. Might need to chase that up.

  2. I suspect that for weight and simplicity the bike, like lots of modern bikes, doesn't have one. Head over here www.andersonstands.com

    What part of the 'gong are you in?
  3. Cheers Hornet, only thing I had seen one on one or two other GS's i had seen. Maybe the owners put one on themselves. I has a look under the bike and there seems to be a brace like thing for the stand to be fixed onto. Ill have a thorough read of the manual.
  4. wow blacktown to wollongong is a bit of a hike good work! I asked the guy if he can drop it off at my place, an he did! so i got lucky haha
  5. That is a HOT colour scheme.

    Good work. Nice bike.

  6. Haha yeah and that too for my first ride. Hence the nerves! haha but its all good now. Was a good learning experience.
  7. I've had one of these for the past year as my first bike, you have chosen well.

    In regard to the rear stand, my gs500f is a 2005 model and has one, so might be worth checking out?
  8. Thanks, Ill chase it up.
  9. woo
    nice bike...and great color combi :)
    i have to wait till friday before i can pick up my 1st sports bike...
    its gonna be a huge change for me...from years of cruising to the world of sport biking....and am lucky to have loz helping me out :)
    if everythin goes well...and according to the plan....i shud be riding a kawasaki ninja 6r back home :) .....and loz will get rich by filming me and posting it for australia's most funny vids.... :p

    hope to do some rides with u someday mate :)
    ride safe
  10. Awesome! Looks like it's in really good condition. You rode it back from Blacktown on your first ride, that must have been scary. I was nervous just riding my bike up the road from my house on the first day. Let me know when your ready and we'll go for a ride! (And I spose Kha can tag along on that 4 wheeled contraption of his :p )
  11. Mate, im ready now. You keen? haha.
    Yeah kha and and his ford focus. he said he was keen to start riding!
  12. The GS500 comes standard with a centrestand. I'd talk to the person you bought it off. (they do reduce lean angle so get removed every now then)
  13. Congrats Dude!!

  14. hahaha.. we went for a ride/drive today through the natio today. I totally forgot that you got ur bike on saturday. But then again, we were going for a spirited run and i dont want you to push urself to keep up. But next time we go, i'll give you a call!

    I wanna get into riding sooooooo bad. I was going to do my L's test with jp, but i just have the cash to buy a bike atm.. :(
  15. Congrats on the purchase! Yes, as others have told you, the GS comes with a centre stand. Coincidentally, I just bought a 2008 GS500F last Wednesday! Spent yesterday doing a 270km run through Mt White with some friends.