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My first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by banjodog, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. hey guys hows it goin? im lookin at buyin a Hyosung (new) for my first bike. now i have read all the bad stuff but they seem ok to me. now my question is: is the 650 learner legal or not? and if so, should i buy one of those to save me wanting a bigger big when i want more power. I have been doin moto-X for a while so im good on a bike. What do u think?

  2. where abouts are you ????????????????
  3. Fill in your profile with your wherabouts and we will be able to answer your questions.. :grin:
  4. oh yeah sorry guys, well at the moment im in Darwin NT and this is where i will be getting my L's but i'm goin to the raaf on the 24th of april in SA so yeah. what do ya think?
  5. It can be learner-legal in NSW (and then de-restricted after you've served your time on Ps). As for NT and SA, I wouldn't know...
  6. ok sweet thanks. so now im thinkin that i will purshace the GT650R after i've done my first training (10 weeks) cause i cant take viecles there and i dont want it sittin there doing nothing for that long. So the 650's are restricted then you can de-restricit it after the L's thing is gone?
  7. my bike dealership, who also stock Hyosung, tell me they get a lot of warrenty problems. they fix them, but expect things to happen. or not to happen.

    apart from that, a sensible option, two bikes for the price of one
    what colour? it better not be yellow. no offense to you yellow-loving freak-nuts out there.
  8. I was in a bike shop the other day and seen about 10 GTR650's and 6 GTR 250's all second hand .It seems people arn't keeping them long ?
    Im not 100% keen on them and when you see they have there own second hand section at a dealer it looks sus. :?
  9. haha yeah loki, i am lookin at a yellow one with the black frame. i guess im just a crazy freak-nut or wateva u said lol. but i'll see what happens, i might even change my mind later on. Can anyone suggest a better idea?
  10. i heard hyosung is not that great. try zx6r if you like big sporty bike
  11. Yeah because the ZX6R is learner legal, WTF abvc?

    My advice after the bad reports I have heard about the Hyosungs is to keep away from them.
    You are only on restrictions for 12 months so just get a cheapo (insert favourite brand here).

    SZR660 is best learner legal bike out there ... if you like singles ;)
  12. I'm a bit weary after reading all these stories about Hyosungs but some people seem perfectly happy with theirs... one thing for sure - if I were to buy one, I'd insist on a 07 model, because I'm pretty positive quality is improving and they are working on adressing the issues as they come up. Judging by the quality of Korean cars they will get there, it will just take a little bit of time. Possibly 07 models will be on par with the rest.

    It looks like two most popular upgrades are a tinted screen (which helps with being able to read the digital instruments on the dash) and an exhaust. To whet your appetite, here's a a nice sound sample of Micron exhaust installed on a 650R I dug up on Korider forums:

    Edit: because spelling matters :)
  13. well.. it's 600 cc.... :oops:
  14. pfft

    get the hyo if that's what you want. If it turns out to be a bad decision, so what - you got what you wanted, you gave it a go, sell it if it turns out not to be what you wanted.

    Also, you may not actually need the bike to be restricted - my gf has a yammy v-star 650 which doesn't need to be restricted to be legal. On the other hand, the Ducati Monster 620 needs to be restricted to be legal.

    Having said that, apparently most coppers don't check that the bikes are actually restricted when they do need restrictions. Wouldn't quote me on that, but I was told this by a dealer who was talking me out of wasting money with getting the restrictions put on and taken off a duke. Methinks for the sake of my license and hip pocket in the long run, $20 or so isn't that much to pay :)
  15. Get the Hyo, Have fun. Even with reports of problems with them, all the reports say that they were addressed under warranty, no problems. Youll have a 2 year unlimited k warranty.

    I wish we had LAMs because i would have went the 650, but i went to the 250 and im happy :)