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My first bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by snakegal, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. I brought an Across yesterday!! Picking it up next sat, then the fun begins! :grin:

    ...thanks Luke!

  2. good luck .. iam sure you will enjoy and meet some nice people along the way
  3. congratulations! i bet your counting down the sleeps till you get it \:D/
  4. Fab mate. I got mine 2 months ago and am loving it. I bet you drive it all weekend long when you get it.
  5. lol, mate! yeah, I'm counting down, almost took it yesterday as I'm so impatient....

    I don't think I'll be doing anything else next weekend...especially as I do need to practice. I've only been on a bike 3hrs when I did my learner intro course (excepting 2hrs on a dirtbike).

    hehe, now to track down some pink leathers lol
  6. First ride I was sh*tting it out on the road on the Saturday. On the Sunday I went on the big roads and got her up to 120km/h. But since then I have been taking it easy. Just wanted to check out what she could do! Enjoy!
  7. Congrats Mel, I guess that means I will have to leave a little bit of space in the shed at work for you to park your Across in...... but not if your wearing bloody pink leathers......
  8. nice one! now it's time to update your profile :wink: :grin:
  9. You can get pink leather here apparently. http://www.underdog-leathers.com/

    Have a look in the custom colours section.

  10. lol, I wasn't serious nobby. Although there's nothing wrong with pink....Black, silver and a bit of pink wld look ace I reckon.
  11. hehe, done! :wink:
  12. So.......

    Where are the pics???
  13. pics up top of this post, guess i shld put them in my profile too ey.
  14. pics up top of this post, I only changed the section saying what bike I have... guess i shld put them in my profile too ey.
  15. help, idn how to put pics in my profile, or cant u?

  16. Snake Skin leathers would look nice, any of your little pets shedding yet?
  17. Ohhhh they would look good hehe only problem is the sheds are paper thin. Sarah had her first shed a few days ago....Winston is due any day now. Hmmmm maybe after 10yrs worth of sheds I could make a reasonable jacket lol :grin: