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My first bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by RedWings01, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. After many days of sleepless nights thinking about what bike I want, I finally found it.


    Rode it home from the guys house. First ride was great. Really easy considering that ive only done the learner course. Can't wait to take it out for another spin. :D
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  2. Ah very nice. Dropped it on my second ride ahah from my driveway. Broke the clutch lever :( will be ordering a new one tonight. Lesson learnt.
  3. Now that you've got that all-important first drop out of the way, may the sun of eternity shine upon you.
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  4. Good thing she's naked. I dropped mine on first day also - no damage luckily, was good lesson too, much better at slow maneviours now.

    Don't let it put you off, more of us than you'd know have done it I suspect
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  5. Nice one mate
  6. Congrats on the purchase. Nice looking bike!
  7. Very nice looking bike...excuse my ignorance, What is it? I can see Honda and I think it says VTR? on the tank
  8. Its a 2001 Honda VTR250
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  9. Nice bike, it should give you many fun rides.
  10. Congratulation, now be sensible and responsible with your ride. All the best.
  11. im on 5 drops.

    enjoy ;)
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  12. congrats on the bike as Mick MMick M said now that the drop is out of the way enjoy
  13. Nice bike. bad luck on the drop, Hopefully the last one :p
  14. I'm on 1 drop since it was done in public, the other 2 in my garage don't count! :p
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  15. Congrats on the bike, and entering the inaugural 'drop' club - (I'm sure there's a lot of members!)

    That bike looks very comfortable, a boon when you're learning to ride! I hope it brings you many exciting KMs :)
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  16. Beautiful first bike mate. I'm on a vtr1000 at the moment and if the 250 is even a quarter of that bike it'll have no trouble scaring the shit out of you :p best of luck and hope you learned something from the drop
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  17. So happy with you getting your first bike... hope to follow you soon with my own first bike... hope the drop wasnt to bad.... question have you named your bike?
  18. Haven't named the bike yet. Still thinking of a name....
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  19. Nice i was going to get one of them as my first but happend to stumble on a suzuki 650 at the place i was going to get it from. I have a female friend who is well not tall and i am thinking of one for her as my 650 is to big. I have droped mine 3 times now and only had it since August 3rd time i broke the brake leaver so i have shortys now. Enjoy and take it easy.