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My First Bike

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  1. Laszlo submitted a new Showcase Item:

    My First Bike

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  2. very nice all first bikes are great:]
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  3. This is so sweet! A VTR was my first as well. I bought it blue, but ended up plasti-dipping it matte black and doing some mods so it was way rough and worn looking. I love that look. Nice choice bro.
  4. Great work LaszloLaszlo, the VTR will serve you well.

    Long time no post KoopiKoopi, where you been, hope you're doing fine.
  5. Oh, how did you know I hadn't been on here for ages? I forgot my password a while ago, then couldn't be bothered...I'm back and in love with bikes again! I will soon be adding my pics to showcase my new Daytona...stay tuned.
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  6. Nice dude. I like the matte black!