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My First Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Clemo, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Well I know they are pretty much the most common LAMS bike but I am just so damn stoked to have it I had to start a new thread.
    It is a 2004 Honda VTR250 with 7500 km. It is compleatly bog stock, it even has the dorky Japanese stickers on the tank and frame, with not a scratch on her.

    And just incase you forgot what they looked like...

    Future plans include putting a lot more kms on it, a Staintune pipe and a lower bar and end mirrors.
  2. cool, congrats!
  3. niceeee,
    your bike is a replica of my blue 05 stocko VTR, clip on bars and new exhaust would be sweet bro. enjoy good times ahead
  4. It looks awesome! Have fun with it.
  5. Yeah I have thought about clip ons but it would mean I would have to change the top clamp, or machine down the stock one, to get rid of the original bar mounts and that sounds like a lot of work. Have you or anyone else done this?
  6. thats a looker

    missus had '05 model

    leave the jap stickers on bro
  7. Same year and colour as mine. Just be careful I don't steal your scratch-free exhaust when you're not looking. :angel:
  8. Dual exhausts, I implore you.

    Looks real nice man, miiiiint as. the PO obviously took great care of it. Please, oh PLEASE don't drop it :'(
  9. very very nice ;)
  10. Nice bike Clemo, first purchase should be OGGIEEESSS!!!!
  11. Thanks guys I have to say given how clean and stock it is it seems a shame to spoil it with mods...

    yeah funny you say that, I was flicking through a bike mag today and saw an add for oggie knobs and had the same idea. Are there any issues or things to ask the guys at the shop about with regard to getting them without looking like a total noob (like the time I asked them how to mount my L plate...)
  12. nup, just ask for them, ask how much, and how easy to install, actually might pay tp see fi anyone at sat prac has them on their vtr, see what brand and where they are fitted, you might be able to do it yourself? If you dont tinker, then get a price or pm Streetmaster, has pretty good with that stuff, reasonable cost too..
  13. I installed them on my bike. Dead easy if you've got a torque wrench/socket set. You don't even really need any mechanical ability.

    It basically involves popping off the plastic covers, removing two of the engine mount bolts, and bolting the Oggies in their place. The Oggies came with bolts to use (they're longer than the standard ones).

    I can't remember exactly what I paid, but I _think_ it was about $160 for the pair. I'm sure someone in the know can correct me if my memory is failing me.
  14. there you go Clemo, sooner you put them on the faster it'll go :)
    Gundy, am gonnay drop that unit at PeterStevens this friday, boards corroded, seems some heat melted solder and have 4 items bridge welded when they shouldnt be.
  15. It's possible that those components were supposed to be bridge-soldered - given that they were surface mount components and would be switching a lot of current to the heater coils, it's possible that they paralleled up on the connections.

    Anyway, good luck with getting a replacement. I hope they sort it out quickly for you.. I guess thankfully we're coming into summer and hopefully you won't be needing them as much for a while :)
  16. Sweet thanks guys, I will tend to that asap.
  17. looks great well done
  18. very nice & clean bike mate,

    Njoy putting Ks on it.

    good luck with it..