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My first bike!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Funkmonkey, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Greetings programs!

    Well, after a few years of scooting for work and farm bike riding years ago i finally got around to getting my bike license, and have successfully bought my first little rocket! Time to show her off!



    The bloody awful tank grip will go as soon as i can afford to get an OEM one at least.... shame i cant get the plates GINJA!!
    1 250R + 1 Funkmonkey = Fun times... will see you out on the road soon!

    The Funk
  2. Looks great mate, I have one too, great colour (y) Enjoy!
  3. I think that pig ugly mudguard will have to go too.
  4. Thanks Mike, i am absolutely hooked. I couldnt help but head out again at 1030 pm after deciding i couldnt go to bed without just 1 more ride tonight!

    (Bonus is ive apparently pissed the ex in the UK right off as well with it)
  5. Lol props for supposedly pissing off the ex...but how does you purchasing a ninja piss the ex off?
  6. Because shes broke and cant afford a bike, and still thinks im stupid enough to send her back the airfare for sending me back here :D (long story involving me getting dumped by email 4 days after arriving back in oz)
  7. LOL then sir....**** her....This is all.
  8. +1 to that. Her loss, my win, back in one of the best countries on the planet to live in, and more than happy to be single :D
  9. VEry nice bike. I do love that blue. If only my ninja was available in blue when I bought it. Enjoy the ride
  10. Thanks Aussie, i love it too, im not really into the black and REALLY dont like the green!! Aint i lucky they had it in such a boodyful colour :D
  11. dont bother going oem forthe tank pad, any bike shop will be able to get you aftermarket ones. that look oem. it will be alot cheaper then going oem.

    i know that we can get in some plain black ones. among with many others.

    to be honest only stuff worth going oem is the mechanicals (including filters) and fairings (chinese suck in quality for fairings)