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My first bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by chuchu91, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hey guys

    Got my license in October, brought my Megelli 250R LC (liquid cooled) in November but have been reading though Netrider far before that.

    So far done about 4000km on it with a few problems.

    Here's a couple of pictures of mine and my girlfriends ninja


    Hope to meet some of you guys one day and thanks for all the information that this site has provided
  2. Good looking bikes, but i heard they are a bit rubbish build quality wise?
    How do you find the finish, as good/better/worse than the ninja?
    My mates ninja feels a tad cheap (compared to my cbr 250rr) and the ride is very upright which is weird considering it's a full fared sportsbike...is the Megelli the same?
  3. Welcome mate. They are nice looking bikes.
  4. hey man good job on the rim type for your ride

    looks sweet as (y)
  5. After riding all three bikes i would say in terms of build quality cbr250rr first, than nina than the Megelli. Not to say that it is shit.

    I do have the liquid cooled one which is the second one that Megelli came out with, much better than the non liquid cooled one (have ridden that one as well).

    The only main problem that I've had with it was that the cabi stuffed up and had to be changed. How ever, Megelli are trying out a few new cabi and are happy to replace mine again once they find the right one and the proper configuration for it.

    As for ride position, the ninja does feel very upright compared to the cbr and Megelli. I would say for myself (178cm) the Megelli would have the most aggressive of the 3.

    I recently changed mine to red as well.
  6. His and hers! They make a cute couple ;)
  7. boo [-X
  8. Sweet dude, hope the small probs sort themselves out. You'll still have a blast no-doubt!
    Definitely the best looking LAMS bike (aside from a tyga converted RVF) out there.
    Oh and the first rim tape looked bangin.....why red now??
  9. blue red tape looked awesome :(