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My first bike.

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Gregors, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. So after many months of research and talking about it, collecting gear and daydreaming, and hearing people tell me it'll never happen...

    I finally picked this up Saturday morning. :D

    First ride was pretty hairy but now that I'm getting the hang of it and calming down, I'm starting to have some fun :D
  2. For someone who has a 4wheel rice racer I'm surprised you've got CB400 lol.
    They're awesome bikes anyway, congrats!
  3. Nice ride and they are a great bike. I recently sold my Skyline and and kinda wished I still had it.............awesome cars.
  4. Hi Gregors, congratulations and same bike as mine. You will enjoy riding it even beyond your l's and restrictions.

  5. Don't go hatin' on the rice rocket haha. It's a fantastic car, handles like it's on rails and goes quite well, and is super reliable too :D.

    Thanks for all the kind words guys, really looking forward to getting a decent exhaust on it and making a bit of noise :D
  6. Nice man. I love those Honda CB400's. Such a beautiful motorcycle!

    Did you get her new or second hand?
  7. Second hand mate, just a fraction over 9500 kms on it.

    New was a bit out of my budget, especially for the ABS model. ( Which mine is :D )
  8. Great choice, bulletproof! Enjoy!
  9. Nice bike, love the colour, have fun :)
  10. WooHoo great bike! Congrats, you will enjoy it.
  11. Wow nice bike, looks in great nick, what year is it?

    Good luck and enjoy your new toy. I've also just bitten the bullet and bought my first bike, picking it up tonight, CBR125R. Same thing as you, took ages getting gear here and there etc but finally there! Now I just need to get my licence! :D

    PS: Love the R33 (Or is it 32? Too much is hidden behind the bike, can't quite tell) in the b/ground ;) If it's not Jap its crap haha :)
  12. Nah it's a 33, it will be getting sold soon after deciding that it's not worth having a car that you get targeted in, even when you behave yourself :(

    The CB is a 2008 model, it's quite pleasant owning something so new :)

    Best of luck getting your license ;)