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My first bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rabble, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Hey all my name is Rich and im new to the whole bike experience. I got my bike license a few weeks ago and am now looking to purchase a bike. New or second hand. I managed to find one on ebay that needs a little bit of work. Im just not sure if its worth the money and wondered if you guys could please give me some valid opinions. The buy now price is $899 but I got him down to $700.


    One of my mates who rides said he thinks its worth the buy then just slowly fix it up. I dont want nothing fancy for my first bike so was thinking this. Im really up in the air about it so if anyone has some good advice id really like to hear it. Thanks all for your time!
  2. another $500-00 for rego.
    As your new to the bike world and not very experienced, there is a good chance you will drop while learning to ride it, so a few scratches wont matter as you will put more scratches on it.
    If your mate reckons its a goer, buy it. its a cheap bike to start with.
    But it all depends on how much it will cost you to get it roadworthy.
  3. Yeah agreed deadman, its got a bit of rust on the back of the fuel tank which is my main concern. I heard that it wouldn't be hard to fix but im still unsure...
  4. Does it leak fuel from the tank, sand paper and a bit of touch up paint.
    what is it missing for a road worthy, and what is the cost of parts to get the road worthy certificate,
    a bit of rust and scratches dont affect a road worthy, missing mirrors, lights broken, tyre wear, these all cost if you need to replace them.
    You will probably update in a year or so. So it will be a good learning experience for you.
    Depending on your Mate to help you fix it up.

    Ask the seller to tell you how much is needed for a roadworthy. ??????????????
    See if you can get parts from a wrecker.
  5. Rust in the tank will just fowl your carburettor and make it not go.

    If you take off the tank then empty it then throw in another litre of fuel and rinse that around and empty it out, do it a couple of times for good luck. This should flush out any loose rust that might go into the carby.

    If some does get in you will just have to pull the carby off and clean the jets. Although when my old postie did this I just took the carby off and gave it to the bike shop who did it for me.
  6. VT250F are notorious for expensive engine repairs, open them up and its like a can of worms.

    $500 is not enough to get into riding, you need at least a couple of grand (for bike parts helmet jacket etc), get an old air cooled twin like a gsx250 they are cheap and built like a tank.
  7. Get something that is comfortable and cheap to use and run get ur confidence up and enjoy