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My first bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by TGM, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Well, last Thursday I brought home my first bike:

    1989 ZXR-250A





    Here's my (maybe odd) thoughts on the bike so far.

    She's got some scars but otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford her. At least I won't cry if I drop it. And they have the added bonus of extra speed in the corners I hear. ;) Most importantly it's in good nick mechanically, engine revs cleanly, starts quickly, engages gear well, no play in bearings, etc. Lucky seeing as it was probably a Sumoto bike.

    I know I should have gotten something sensible like a ZZR or a Spada, but I made this decision with my heart and not my head. Motorcycling is a budding passion to me, not transport. So I'm willing to deal with any issues that might arise with getting a highly strung and old/thrashed "sports" bike.

    The moment I saw it I had to have it, it even matches my leathers and I got them two months before the bike! Riding position is exactly what I was looking for and this bike feels better between my legs than the other LAMS bikes I've tried. Feels a lot more secure when cornering, but it's not like I have any real experience to be able to say anyway.

    The shopping list down the bottom is a bit try-hard IMO, but I don't care when the bike feels this nice. The exhaust is also bloody loud, don't know whether that is a good thing or not but the little kid in me loves it. :D

    Servicing it will be a pain, but I've got the time to learn. (Who thought having to remove the radiator to change spark plugs would be a good idea?)

    The horn sounds exactly like roadrunners "beep beep" and as such is useless for any purpose apart from making me laugh. :LOL: The exhaust is actually much (MUCH) louder and more useful when the stupid car in front is sitting at a green light texting...

    So I really couldn't be happier, can't wait to get to some of the learner rides and eventually hit the twisties/track.
  2. Congrats on the purchase mate.

    I recently (about 2 months or so ago) got my cbr250rr, had a more practical gs500 prior, was nowhere near as much fun as my current bike. Totally with you on the passion for motorcycling outweighing the practicality of a machine, even if it is a daily commuter!

    Have fun servicing too, spark plugs took me ages.. haha.

    Enjoy your bike!
  3. Congrats on the bike!

    I got pretty much the exact same thing (even has similar damage by the looks of it:p ) a few months ago and am absolutely loving it. Heaps of fun around the twisties.
  4. ^ Awesome mate, we'll have to go for a ride when I get a bit more experience. :)
  5. For sure!

    We can have a battle of the baby ninjas :LOL:
  6. Nice bike TGM. I'll have to keep an eye out for you around the streets.

    If you're up for a ride one day give me a yell.
  7. what? piss easy to get out......

    nice bike, if you think about it, what bike hasnt had their speedo turned back, isnt a shatmoto or similar (someone else coulda jsut done the same think but sold cheaper) or thrashed the crap outta? if it runs fine, has regular service, should be good for a few years
  8. ^ True, you can also assume that every old learner bike has been dropped at some stage too. At least I had a police report detailing the way mine was. :LOL:

    Just out of curiosity, how do you get the spark plugs out on a RR? A mate of mine is gonna buy my brother-in-law's CBR and it'd be handy to know. My brother-in-law said that the inside two are blocked by the frame or something like that.

    I'll keep a lookout for a blue ZZR and I'll stop and say hi if I see it. :)
  9. If you do some googling you should be able to find the workshop manual for it, which would include how to change the plugs. Perhaps the cbr250 forum may have a link to it too.
  10. I do have the manual already, I was just wondering if there was a "knack" to it. Oh well, it'll be a few weeks before he gets the bike anyway so I'll figure it out then I guess.
  11. nah, on the RR's its pretti easy, frame just constricts some of the movement.

    Wiillz and I got my sparkies out and cleaned them because *cough* i kinda flood'd the engine *cough* over the couple days i stripp'd it to figure out what was wrong with my bike when my clutch cable was actually loose.

    Just takes some fiddling around. Wiillz is the man :grin:
  12. I wanted a ZXR for a few years before I actually got the money to buy my first bike... but you put it well, it is a head/heart decision. I personally went for the vtr but I still crack a big fat smile whenever I come across one of these on the twisties.

    Some guy on my street has the same colour ZXR, they sound so sweeeeet.

    Have fun!
  13. Yeah they sound like a mini F1 car when you have them up above 12krpm.

    But a V-twin sounds pretty awesome too. :)
  14. Hey mate, i live in Baysie pretty much the next suburb over.

    Sweet bike, might see you around sometime!
  15. Nice bike, well done - hope you enjoy it!
  16. Ooh I am! Just got back from a ride, got my first nod! I actually got two! And one was from a cruiser dude. :cool:

    It's weird jumping off the bike and into a car. The car accelerates so slowly, I had the pedal to the floor and was thinking "this is it?" without realising what I was doing. Also, it seems like you're going so much slower.

    I also find that I tend to purposely take a longer route on the way home, turning a 5 minute trip into a 20 minute one. :D