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My first bike. :) (yes another one.. GPX 250r)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by agro nick, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. hi all,

    Lobsta uploaded his bike pics, so I thought I might share my new baby with you all as well!

    After looking around at various bikes for around 3 months, I detected a pattern - every month or so a single bike at the perfect price would come up for sale and be snatched up instantly. I got sick of being too slow, and being left with choosing the left over, overpriced junk for sale.

    So I waited, and waited, then pounced :) Cash in hand, another of these fabled bikes at the right price came up for sale and within 24 hours it was mine (with the nessecary checks etc).

    Its a 2006 Kawasaki GPX 250r, 10000kms on the clock. Runs beautifully, although it is rather cold blooded and likes to be warmed up in the morning! I put a new rear tyre on it, Bridgestone BT45 as the old one was due to be replaced.

    I am so damn happy I could cry. Each ride is like a new life, every day! :LOL:

    And here are the pics! Insurance is damn cheap too, full comp is only $300 :shock:



  2. Very nice and congrats.
    These Kawa twins like to be warmed up and the best way to do it is to ride the thing. When you can maintain an idle under choke at 2,500 or so you'll be fine to ride off. Otherwise it will sit screaming on the choke for 20 mins.
  3. Great buy Nick, I had a similiar experience to you, ended up buying my Kwaka p-twin from a bloke a few km out of town because no-one could be bothered driving over to have a look at it or pick it up. Saved at least $750.

    My engine, identical more or less to yours, needs choke for at least 3min at 3000rpm on cold (i.e. all Melbourne) mornings. Otherwise the first intersection I get to it will either (a) put-put out, or (b) have dangerously slow throttle response when I want to accelerate away. Learnt this the hard way!

    Once its warm, however, the engine is an absolute gem. Ride it at 6,000 rpm while crusin, power comes on medium strenght at around 7,000 rpm, and is explosive around 10,000 rpm. Max torque is at 10k (24 Nm), max power at 12k (35 bhp).

    I hear the new ones have been effectively detuned to meet stringent Euro emissions standards. Add that to the fact that every time Kwaka seem to tinker with it they bring the red line down, and I’m convinced you and I have one of the best versions of their 250 p-twin.


  4. Who are you insured with?
  5. Mafia. You hit me, we'll hit you.
  6. I agree. GPX250r were my favorite twin. Almost enough fairing for the highway, big tank and decent power. Good value used bike, although i'd never have bought the 20 year old design brand new.

    I didn't get one because it looked pretty old fashioned and it wasn't smooth enough on the highway (had a fair few vibrations). Oh and i'm a rev demon :twisted:

    But still the GPX250r is a great bike.

    I find it funny that the 'new' ninja 250r is more expensive (over $7k), less powerful and no more advanced (still uses carbs here ffs).
    I'd say kawasaki is laughing all the way to the bank.
    Considering its apparently their most popular model, and i'm sure that they spent as much on R&D as most people do when 'designing' their wheel chocks from wooden offcuts.

    I'm surprised you need that much choke. One I start my bike (generally just with throttle), it only needs to be held at 4k for a couple of seconds before it idles by itself, and its 15 years old. Perhaps you need to adjust your idle, or get your carbs cleaned? Old plugs and bad fuel made my bike exceptionally difficult to start.
  7. hey alex, yeah mate i cant be more impressed (well im sure i will be on my next bike lol) but for now its just so smooth and beautiful :) you are correct, at higher revs it really starts to put the smile on my face!! :grin:
  8. hi guru, NRMA. age 25, male, 65% no claim bonus (rating one due to car, however NRMA give you rating one based on your age, not years insured). Note this is with zero riding experience, 8 years car driving.

    insured for $5200 agreed..
  9. Kwaka's mandate was simple. (1) Make a bike that looks like their current ZX-10R (1000cc supersport) and ZX-6R (600cc supersport) so wanna-be racer n00bs will buy it despite the fact a 15yr old RGV-250 will blast past it even when in a gear too low; (2) make the bike compliant with Euro-III so they don't have to update it for another 10yrs; and (3) keep the same bulletproof low-tech engine and constant-mesh wet gearbox so n00bs who abuse it won't be burnt too badly (hence developing brand loyalty) and Kwaka can outsource its production to a low-tech plant in Thailand to keep profits high.

    Most folks new to motorcycling won't notice the power drop when test-riding because it takes a while (3 weeks for me) to be confident enough to rev it high (especially when you are use to the motorcar industry standard redline of ~ 6500 rpm). So by the time you realise it has less top-end than other motorcycles, you already have 300-500 km on the odo.

    As far as my bike is concerned, the inherent pain-in-the-backside with carbs is that they have to be jetted to deliver maximum power (by virtue of a certain air-fuel ratio) at a certain amount of revs at a certain air pressure at a certain fuel quality. No doubt my bike was jetted for 91RON. The fact I run it on 98RON (to keep the engine clean so I can abuse it with less consequence) will no doubt affect the Kwaka's tempermental nature at idle.

    Also, I have the choice of having the bike idle correctly (i.e. 1200-1500 rpm) when it is warm or when its cold. I choose when its warm because I am sitting in traffic often (thanks to the Eastern Carpark and Alexandra Blockade) and too many revs at idle will lead to overheating quick smart. The consequence of having it rev correctly at idle when warm is that it is going to rev too low at idle when cold. C'est la vie, you get over it after 9000km. :cool:

    BTW, I was a rev-demon too until my rear tyre went in about 5000km. :demon:
  10. I know exactly how you feel mate, I like you am so happy I have such a lovely smooth and willing bike (when many people buy a smoky POS and get nothing but heartache).

    A week ago I was coming home after a stressful 4hrs of trying to maintain concentration during lectures, and just on the final sweeping curve before home I realised here I was, feeling free exhilarated and empowered on my very own ticket to nirvana, when not 12 months ago I was crammed into mass transit, a prisoner of the communist travel system, one of thousands of people with blank drained and depressed looks on their face, holding on to what they could as the final indignity of the day, being flung from one side of the passenger compartment to another, was delivered upon them.

    We are living the dream, it doesn’t get any better than this. :cool: *

    * in a qualitative sense at least, people riding a 600cc+ may have objection, but only in a quantitative sense. :p
  11. welcome to the fold and welcome to warming up. and yes best to ride it to warm it up.. just putter for the first 5 mins with about 1500 on choke and then its all go.
  12. It just bothers me that there has been no progress. They just keep detuning the engine and pretending its 'better'. They claim it has 'increased midrange torque' when what they really mean is 'asthmatic at high revs'.

    Just look at the latest 600's which can have up to 130hp, up from ~85hp in the late 80's (cbr600f). The ninja250r is what, 29hp?, 'up' from the previous 35hp.

    And the trouble is, even going backwards in terms of progress, the ninja250r hasn't gotten cheaper. Carbs must be cheap as chips nowadays, and twins were never expensive. Even the chinese are making them now.

    Yeah it did take a few weeks for me to take my bike over 15k. I was used to the 5500rpm max of the falcon. Nothing like the engine screaming like an F1 car, but you still want more power. Noobs (like me) do eventually grow up and they may be disappointed at their brand new 'ninja' getting past by 15 year old 250's. :shock:

    Yeah i've always been told to adjust the idle when the bike is warm. Just keep your hand on the throttle when its cold. I usually gun it anyway. :twisted:

    I've never had my bike overheat, but the thermofan does frequently come on in traffic. Keeps the temp at about half to 2/3 on the gauge.
  13. how much did you pay for it?

    I bought my 06 GPX new and have been riding it heaps this year (negelected prior to that...). It has 7,000 kms on it and have been wondering what it would go for if I was to entertain the step up!

    Not surprised you love the bike! it has been brilliant for me. Inspires heaps of confidence for new riders and is absolutely bullet proof. I will most likely have it for another 12 months or so before i upgrade (no cash :cry: )

    I spoke to the dealer that i bought by bike off just recently when i took it in for the 6,000km service and they told me the new 250 ninjas had been going gangbusters! I can understand that, I reckon I would have bought one of them over the GPX if i they had been available at the time purely on looks!

  14. Nice bike. If it’s anything like the new 250r you will love it.

    I find it bemusing that all these people who don’t want a new bike or can’t afford the new 250r biatch about it like its rubbish. At the same time they are trying to source the newest and lowest mileage bike. Looking at the classified for months and months, arranging with sellers to inspect the bikes. Some people don’t mind it and I respect that.

    Other people can’t be bothers with all that hassle and can afford (and want) a new bike. So they put a little deposit, wait, and pick up the bike from the dealership. Warranty is also a great thing for learners. You can go ride and learn what you need to without worrying about fixing anything.

    The New 250r may have a few hp’s less but with bike tuning, if you want to improve your midrange torque you have to sacrifice some top end. I personally like the fact the new 250r is low/old tech. It’s easier to learn how to maintain/service it yourself.

    Regardless of what bike you get I think everyone loves their first bike no matter how old or cheap it may be. Getting out there and riding is what counts, doesn’t matter what bike you have.
  15. Agreed, i think we forget that too easily.
  16. Hi coltrane,

    It was advertised for $4200 (which is very cheap, its in immaculate condition), all the others on bikesales with similar kms around 10,000 were around $5200-$5000.

    Obviously I saw it at $4200 and thought "this has to be one" ("one" meaning one of the rare finds you wait for with a seller who desperatley needs the cash).

    He needed it so desperatley I haggled him down to $3800. I felt a bit bad, but business is business. Really nice young bloke too, good family.

    Still at that stage I didnt plan on getting a new tyre, so it evened out.

    NRMA would only insure it for a minimum of $5286, thats what it is worth agreed value.

    Hopefully I can sell it for similar figures in the future. (provided I dont drop it :)
  17. pressure does funny things to people thats for sure.. good deal though!

    You lose a lot of bargaining ability to moment you 'need' to sell thats for sure. He would have got around that for a trade in at least so he isn't that much out of pocket!!