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My first Bike - Suzuki Intruder vl250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mechanism, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hopefully this image works....

    This is my brand spanking new pride and joy!! I have had it for 4 weeks now. this photo was taken 2 weeks ago after a wash wax and polish - due for another one tomorrow.

    I really love this bike, I could have gone for the yamaha v-star 650 but it is just that much bigger (in physical size) i couldn't justify it. i wanted a smal cruiser for riding around town, and this lil baby is perfect for it. also runs fine on the freeways so the beach and whatnot is no problem at all. love it :)

  2. PS - look at that sparkly chrome!!!
  3. Goddamn thats alot of polising. Nice work.
  4. thanks Kurnell
  5. Very shiny. Sounds like it suits you just fine. I hope you continue to enjoy it for many rides to come.
  6. I rode one of these once.. and it was tiny for my size!
    But it does look shiny and sounds like it suits you perfect.

    good on you.
  7. congrats on ur purchase
  8. thanks everyone. yeah i'm pretty average hight (about 5ft 10) so the physical size is fine. I actually found it funny today when a mate and i parked on a bit of a downward slope and he said he might need me to help him get his bike out when we leave (Kawasaki 750 something)... i hadn't thought about that before because my bike is so light and seat is so low its easy for me. he didn't end up needing help after all anyway... LOL